These Are More Than 5 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

Men’s and women’s are two apparently very distant worlds. The figure of man is traditionally linked to strength, hardness, little space for fragility and sweetness. Fortunately, these clichés are losing ground. Men also need tenderness, to be courted, to be surprised by the person they love. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to know what the men really consider romantic. We talked about it with the psychotherapist Gianluca Farfaneti.


If your man has these qualities, do not let him go "From a social, anthropological and cultural point of view, man has often been associated only with practical and decisional aspects. But man is changing. I do not say that you are ‘feminizing’, but certainly compared to twenty years ago, he also pays attention to his romantic side, "explains Farfaneti.

"Anything that can overturn patterns and constructs on the relationship between a man and woman, and therefore everything that shows the vulnerable and needy person to cuddle , is something positive. Understanding that a man may like to receive attention, as much as a woman likes, is a big step forward towards the overturning of roles and constructs. The point is to make the other person feel unique ".

Here are seven things that men could find incredibly romantic.
1) Receive a gift related to your passions . "Whether it’s a sport, a hobby, or something linked to work, to receive something linked to one’s passion is a very important recognition also for the man, that perhaps for that passion seems to neglect his partner. It is a way of recognizing his passion ".

2) Receive surprises . "Whether it’s a concert or a trip to a place that loves, whether it’s a lunch brought to the office or a ticket to a theater show, anything that is not expected makes you feel like an important and desired person".

3) Seeing your woman "being a child" with him. "Man can appreciate very much the moments in which his woman poses a little bit as if she needed protection or being guided. Saying ‘You decide’ or ‘Choose you’, or ‘Explain to me this thing’ is an aspect that you may like, especially considering that, rightly, men and women are increasingly playing an equal role. Playing on this aspect can be considered romantic ".

4) Feeling sweet things say. "Women often take for granted how much man needs to feel how important it is to his partner. Feeling sweet things is very romantic even for men and it is something that should not be neglected ".

5) Feeling telling a secret. "Knowing that your woman has told only something personal and secret to him, unites, makes you feel important and creates intimacy. Even man knows how to listen and needs to feel unique ".

6) Be taken to a spa, to the spa or get a massage together. "Maybe only 10-15 years ago would not have been a very welcome gift. Now many men love to take care of their body and relax, getting out of the routine and the patterns ".

7) See your woman in a dress or underwear worn for him. "It’s a cliché that men only like to direct games – the fact that their partner shows his desire can be very pleased. The fact of seeing one’s most uninhibited woman on some occasions is also greatly appreciated ".

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