The Reason Why Jake Cuenca Never Runs Out of Series on TV

Without a doubt since Jake Cuenca took off as a Kapamilya star, he never has a break in getting roles for TV series.


In fact, Jake already has 14 projects in Channel 2 all without little or no breaks in between.

Star Magic and Channel 2 never runs out of matinee idols or leading men, but Jake Cuenca is an exception. But why?

It is without question Jake has talent, perseverance, and dedication toward work.

His pre-2006 career was lackluster and upon transferring Jake gave his all to prove he deserves the break.

Jake isn’t the only who is getting nonstop projects in ABS.

Paulo Avelino, Ejay Falcon and Coco Martin get projects right after their current ones are completed.

But what about you, why do you think Jake Cuenca never gets a break in series. I mean not that people are tired of him seeing on TV.

Post your comment below.

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