The Real Score Between Piolo Pascual And Shaina Magdayao

Until now, fans are still hanging on relationship between Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao. Many are asking what is the real score?


Because of this, the hunk actor asked by the reporters during the press conference of the upcoming movie, “Starting Over Again” where Piolo paired by Toni Gonzaga.

According to the actor, “I think at this point in our life, we wanna be able to have that respect. We wanted this time to be private unlike before that our relationship were exposed to everybody.”

“So, this time, if what will for the coming days, we don’t wanna pre-empt, but since where both in public, we have no choice”, he said.

“But there are things that should be private and I think we all deserve that, you know”, Piolo added.

“Starting Over Again” movie will be on cinemas nationwide this February 12.

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