The Real Orientation of Bailey and Kenzo

Bromance Kenley or Kenzo and Kenley are making rounds on social media igniting polarizing views from netizenz here and abroad.


We’ve seen them holding hands, play flying plane with Bailey riding on top of Kenzo, and air smooching or what but without touching lips. Are these tell tale signs that the two like each other as in romatically?

Is this a sign that Kenzo is fed member?

Is this a sign that Bailey is q or is open to such non conventional type of relationship.

This sends many fans confused, angry and wild especially that the recent epis on 737 show Bailey showing signs of interest on Barbie.

Of course, most of the clips showing the Kenley bromance surfaced only on YouTube and social media and only a few are tackled on the show’s late night slot, what they are pushing is the Bailey and Barbie love team.

But on cable’s 24/7 telecast and online streaming, netizens see a different Bailey, a Bailey who is unconventionally close to housemate Kenzo.

The truth?

The truth is holding hands or bromance trips are not strange or new to real life bromances, like as in brotherly straight relationships.

In fact, there are straight male magbarkadas out there that even touch each other, but no malice.

As to the real orientation of the two, nothing is really certain for now. It starts from petting, and friendship and if it develops in something more than friendship, it is up to them.

For now, Kenzo and Bailey are straight teenagers doing what most liberated male teens do these days.

But between the two of them, Kenzo has the tendency to learn towards bi.

Bailey having grown up in a liberated and open environment that embraces LGBT, it is no surprise smooching with Kenzo does not bother him at all.

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