The Real Gerald Anderson, An Unsung Hero

From Star Magic Philippines IG:


In September 2009, Metro Manila took a beating from super typhoon, Ondoy that devatated lives and properties. Gerald with his friend Alo, braved the muddy flood and strong currents to check on neighbors.

A neighbor, Dr. Divine Rosales-Murao was able to document Gerald’s efforts. Gerald extended help not only to their own street but to other streets as well, organizing rescue teams to help people out of their homes, disregarding his own safety and well being.

A year later Gerald was awarded the Star Humanitarian Award by Star Studio for his heroic efforts. A reluctant hero, Gerald humbly said that anyone who is in his place would have done the same thing. Fast track to 2015, Gerald’s former manager Jun Reyes suffers a stroke leaving the right side of his body paralyzed.

Upon hearing this, Gerald arranged to see Jun in the hospital and took it upon himself to settle bills and medical expenses.

Still overwhelmed with Gerald’s help, Jun reveals more about Gerald.

the real gerald anderson

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