The Real Cause of the Death of Former Senator Joker Arroyo

A close friend of former Senator Joker Arroyo confirmed that he died last October 5 in United States.


The news came out today October 7.

He was a congressman of Makati for 9 years and a member of the Philippine Senate for 12 years.

It is not yet clear to netizens the real cause of the senator’s death. This page will be updated once information is available.

Netizens posted their messages on social media.

According to Miguel Villafuerte, “RIP Senator Joker Arroyo. Truly one of the best leaders of our nation coming from Bicol. Your work and legacy will remain forever!”

Another netizen named PUP Memes said, “We mourn together with the filipino masses because of Joker Arroyo’s death. You, sir, deserve our highest respect.”

Nik ‏also said, “Joker Arroyo, in his day, was a towering, incisive intellect. The man stood his ground and upheld his principles. I’ll remember that. RIP.

Up to this time the cause of his death was still unknown.

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