The Dimple & The Pimple – Dabarkads Give Tips AlDubPreparationDay

Maine is being teased by the two Lolas because of a  pimple on her fave.


She’s told that she may have had not enough sleep resulting in having a pimple.

Meanwhile Alden enters and dances with Maine on the split screen and they even jump kissed on the screen in concert.

1.) Alden should dress well and appropriately
2.) Should be well behaved inside the house to avoid breaking Lola’s things
3.) Put off the shoes before entering the mansion
4.) Ryan suggests Alden should befriend the most grumpy maid.
5.) Should not take a seat if not yet told.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for AlDub as Alden will be welcomed by Lola in the mansion.

Allan K also promised Alden that he will let him borrow a car.


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