The Best 5 Kinds of Food to Eat for Aged 40 Plus to Stay Strong

Some tips on what to eat after 40 years: follow them without delay, and you will stay fit. It is right to think about what to eat and how best to eat to preserve not only the shape but also the health. It is known that after a certain age the risk of contracting heart disease also increases. Focus on these 7 yes not just five foods full of nutrients that are excellent for maintaining weight and health.


Berries are considered one of the super foods that are good for the body and for general health. Rich in antioxidants, all red fruits play an important role in the prevention of certain types of cancer, as well as helping the skin regenerate faster.

Tomatoes are considered fruits by some and vegetables by others. The reason they have their category is due to the presence of lycopene in them. Lycopene is an excellent anticancer agent. It is particularly useful in preventing cancer of the apron, stomach and lungs.

Lung cancer is quite aggressive and prevention is often considered the best method of action with advancing age. Beyond that, lycopene also has cardioprotective effects. It helps to maintain the health of the heart and keeps the blood vessels active and elastic.

The Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart disease, helps fight chronic disorders and also reduces the number of food diseases. Overall, life expectancy significantly increases. A large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables is a significant part of the diet. Fresh vegetables are very rich in water and vitamins.

Vegetables like zucchini, pumpkins and cucumbers are very moisturizing. Broad-leaved vegetables are a great source of calcium and iron.

Not all fruits are the same. Citrus fruits offer a whole range of health benefits. Vitamin C in citrus fruit helps strengthen the immune system and prevents us from taking common diseases too often. Vitamin C is also a known antioxidant and is useful for combating skin aging.

Carotenoids in citrus fruits have anti-tumor properties. Their fiber content helps to facilitate intestinal transit and keeps the intestine healthy.

Like tomatoes, vegetables from the cabbage family have a separate section for their goodness. Cabbage and broccoli can help prevent and treat an ulcer. Cauliflower and cabbage have strong anticancer properties.

Bonus of two:

Salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines are an excellent source of omega 3 antioxidant fats that also help protect heart health. Wild fish are much more useful as they have not been bred and have had the opportunity to grow naturally.

Water is really a miraculous compound. It helps in digestion, moisturizes the skin and provides the necessary nutrients for the body. Most of us maintain optimal hydration through the foods we eat, especially if the diet is rich in fresh products. However, we also lose a lot of water through sweating and in summer when it’s hot.

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