Teleserye Finally Confirmed For Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards After IYAM Success

“GMA Network and TAPE are signing a deal for a television series for Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards” – this is what fans are posting and hoping on social media following the success of the movie Imagine You and Me (IYAM).


During the press conference in Cebu, the press asked Alden Richards about their future projects specifically a teleserye.

Alden Richards responded that it will depend on the performance of their movie referring to IYAM.

Based on the opening day gross sales report by APT and GMA Films, the producers, the movi raked in 21.5 million pesos in the box office on its launch.

It is the biggest opening day for a Filipino film for 2016 as of July. And judging from that, IYAM is without a doubt, a blockbuster.

“Does this mean that their teleserye is a green go?” – fans ask.

On social media, a photo showing Maine and Alden who appear to be in a meeting with the big bosses suggest this could be the confirmation that a teleserye is underway.

In the event, the second half of 2016 for GMA’s primetime programming is guaranteed to be big time as Encantadia 2016 gets to premiere by Monday.

An AlDub MaiChard teleserye will definitely bring more punch to this lineup.

To date however there is no confirmation to any of these speculations. It remains to be a fact that she is an essential part of the EB team.

In the case of Meng, she also is adamant of going for a teleserye due to its rigorous taping.

One thing is very certain now, Maine Mendoza is at her peak and shows no sign of slowing and definitely no stopping anytime soon.

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