Team Delulu or Team Friend zone, Alden Richards Suyuin si Maine Mendoza?

Nakabangon na ulit ang nation, top trending today ang ALDUBNationOneLove, dahil may hugot kasi, ano kaya ito?

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Despite the hashtag, ay hati pa rin ang fans, may mga accept na friends lang, may iba ring tinatawag na DELULU

Delulu or short for delusional, na somehow naniniwalang magkakatuluyan sina Maine and Alden, baka cool off lang sila ngayon

Pinaghuhugutan kasi ang linyang, “AT THIS VERY MOMENT”, life is full of many moments kaya hindi pa katapusan ng lahat

I found the courage last night to re-read Maine’s blog. And u know, if you try to understand it, all is good.


Yes we’ve focused on those 2 words, but look at what came before it: “At this very moment”. Dito ako kumakapit. sabi ni fangirlsieileen

They were friends before and they are still friends now. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I just want to love them no matter what. -wenggets

May nagsabi rin na dapat suyuin or ligawan na ni Alden si Maine, after all, he gave up teleserye para lang sa Phenomenal Star

Alden, if you love Mainelook for her and talk to her. And I’m sure Maine thought the same thing about you. Go chase her, she’s worth pursuing. – sabi ni MiraTMansterr

Ikaw, anong team ka ngayon? Team Delulu or Team Friendzone? Kumakapit rin ba kayo sa “AT THIS VERY MOMENT”?

People who are meant to be together find their way back, they may take a few detours but never lost.

Sa ngayon marami talagang ADNs ang holding on like Mang Jani and Mama Evs. They believe in the power of love and that things will turn out well in the future. Looking forward si Mang Jani to tell everyone “I told you so”.

Kaya walang paki ang mga ADNs if tawagin silang delulu. Mas okay pa ang maniwala sa love, kesa bumitiw agad.

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