Maine Mendoza Death Threat Prompts Kalye Serye Character Twist

Why EB Changed Yaya Dub To Maine Mendoza

The much awaited but already predicted twist finally was unveiled today on EB as we get to see the actual birth certificate of Yaya Dub or Divina, turns out her full name is Maine Mendoza.

So why did the writers/management change Yaya Dub’s real name from Divina Ursula Bokbokova (D.U.B.) to Maine Mendoza.

First, of course, it’s their prerogative being the creators.

Second, it’s more of a career strategy.

It is but only wise and high time for Maine Mendoza to distance from the Yaya Dub character. The last thing anyone in showbiz wants is to be remembered for that one character.

Also, there has been that question of saturation. EB being around for four decades isn’t afraid of it, but it’s a strategy. Not that people are tired of Yaya Dub and KalyeSerye, it is just that the management can do more for the career of Maine and her love team with Alden.

Confusion, this is the buzzword today on social media. But it does not actually create confusion. It will only make the on-screen affair of the two blossom more. From reel to real as they say, like as if we don’t notice these two are getting real already.

Fifth, KalyeSerye may be axed, or may be not. The truth is Kalye Serye has been adapted now as Calle Siete noontime teleserye. TAPE always wanted to make a show about the lives of ordinary Filipinos, and the successor to Princess in the Palace is just about that.

Speaking of KalyeSerye, it will still be around on EB. With Maine Mendoza already using that name. But there is a high probability that it will end this year.

If anything, the Imagine Me And You movie is just the start, Maine Mendoza will have a primetime teleserye on GMA 7.

And finally, Maine Mendoza will be transferred to broadway to keep her safe. Rumors say, there is death threat for Maine but no confirmation on this.

Now the only question left is, is it goodbye now to AlDub? And Hello MaiChard! Yes and no. Yes, it is MaiChard and no, no goodbyes yet for AlDub.

AlDub will remain to be a powerful name, remember EB named its library projects AlDub Library right?

AlDub will remain.

MaiChard will fully blossom.

Maine Mendoza will conquer it all.