Look: “Buy Now, Die Later” MMFF Float

Aside from the movie itself, people are looking forward to see all the cast –members of all MMFF movie entries on the parade on board their respective floats.

The parade is happening today, December 23.

For Vhong Navarro’s movie entitled, “Buy Now, Die Later”, this is the look of their MMFF float.


Buy now die later

WATCH Buy Now, Die Later Movie Full Trailer

Recently, Quantum Films released the full trailer of the upcoming movie entitled, “Buy Now, Die Later”.

The movie is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival this 2015.

It stars John Lapus, Alex Gonzaga, TJ Trinidad, Rayver Cruz, Lotlot de Leon and Vhong Navarro.

Directed by Randolph Longjas, it will be on cinemas this December 25.

Watch the full trailer below:

Vhong Navarro

Deniece Cornejo’s Grandmother Confronts Vhong Navarro, Calls Him ‘Heartless’

After the arraignment today of the case filed by Vhong against Cedric Lee and camp, an old woman tailed the comedian-host on his way out with a confrontation.

The woman who claims she is the grandmother of Deniece Cornejo shouted at Vhong and said she is hurt and called him heartless.

“I am Florencia, I’m so hurt! You are heartless!”.

Navarro did not respond but did look around to see the woman.

Netizens On DOJ Scrapping Rape Complaint Vs Vhong Navarro

Yesterday on “It’s Showtime” show, the host, Vhong Navarro cried over the news regarding his rape case.

DOJ junked the rape complaint filed by Deniece Cornejo due to lack of evidence.

After the news aired on TV, the comedian thanked everybody including Showtime family, Vhong’s children, family and girlfriend, and the madlang people who supported him.

While Vhong thanked the madlang people, they are screaming and clapping their hands as an expression of their happines.

Now, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Simeon Raz, Ferdinand Guerrero and Jed Fernandez are charged with crimes of serious illegal detention and grave coercion.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their feelings on social media upon hearing the news.

Below are some of their reactions:

Joe S: “great news for Vhong but, the more great if these people would stay in one jail….”

mwah Einstein: “Just excited to witness the arrest of the liars…tingnan natin kung makaka tawa pa tong hamhug na Cedric na to!”

athenna hera: “ha ha ha ngayon ngangal without makeup k n tlga denies este deniece …..every evil works has an END yung ending na unbearable to take for sure hindi lng si Vhong naging victim ni Cedrick Lee and his group …to all those silent victims who can’t fight because of fear for himself and family safety…. God is truly amazing and good”

perla ramos: “Justice be done against CEDRIC , DENIECE and company SEE ALL of YOU in JAIL sama na ninyo pati yung abugago este abugado pala ninyo sa selda !”

Simply Koko: “Yes!!! Arrest warrant na yan! Salamat naman! God bless Vhong!”

annaleah Faisal: “Good job DOJ welldone! LEE’s, Cornejo, and friends your beautiful CONDO’s in jail will waiting for you and welcoming you warmth XXD… Mr: Navarro you’ve got the lesson of today so be careful for tomorrow till the End…keep Safe every one! Life is so short so always take good care for your life….

kenj Madrid: “Thank God. I hope Lee and the rest of his group will be sent to jail. They deserve it!”

Arnazen Lee: “God is good. thank God. and we love you vhong. i will always believe in you. keep praying dud.”

Netizens Are Happy When Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford Reunited on the “Show” Dance Floor

On Tuesday, the hosts Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford reunited as they danced together on “Show” show.

The live audience went wild seeing the two performing their famous Billy Vhong dance.

Last Saturday the show welcomed Vhong on his return. The comedian-host took a break following an incident where he was allegedly mauling by Cedric Lee and Denise Cornejo’s team inside a condominium unit at the Fort in the Bonifacio Global City last January 22.

Meanwhile, netizens are happy now that the host is back.

On Twitter, it became one of the trending topics.

Below are some of netizens’ reactions:

Dina Natulla: “We miss u vhong….welcome back…we happy to see u again in show time….”

Carlo Pablico: “We miss you and welcome back Vhong!”

Monessa Mike: “Vhong God bless u i love u vhong we miss u so much”

Ziline young: “Ang saya saya nman i love u vhong forever muaaaaaah idol,, tc all the Time:)”

jella duking: “so happy tu c vhong back on stage with d right track,,,, WELOVEYOU VHONG,, FROM HONGKONG WITH LOVE HEHEHE”

Mayann De torres: “Welcome back vong! Tnx god for saving u from those bad people…”

Gloria chatto: “Maraming salamat lord nkabalik na si vhong sa show time at sana makolong na ang mga taong nagbogbog kay jyst what I wish lord.”

joy magsayo: “Sana try mong kalimutan lhat ng ngyari sau vhong.sna ikaw p rin ung dting masayahin…”

Vhong Navarro Goes Emotional As He Comes Back To “Show”

On Saturday, the ‘Mr. Suave’ and ‘Show’ host, Vhong Navarro is back on the show.

Live audiences and other hosts are emotional as they welcome the comedian.

Vhong is so thankful that despite what happened last January 22 and even the case is still going on against Cedric Lee and Denise Cornejo, he is still alive and can smile with the ‘madlang people’.

He thanks his family, friends, Show friends, his attorney and even the NBI who gave their continuing support for him.

Meanwhile, netizens took to micro-blogging site to give their support to Vhong.

Using the hashtag #WelcomeBackVhong became the trending topic on Twitter.

Below are some of their messages:

Ms.BiZzLe‏@lovely_cypres: “Seeing @VhongX44 smile once again is like telling me to hug him for life. #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro”

Kilig University ‏@KiligUniversity: “It’s good to see that smile again #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro”

Heartstagram@Heartstagram: “Iyak. Tawa. Iyak. Tawa. Nakakaiyat at Nakakatawa. Showtime Family is the best! #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro”

Shanie (: ‏@heyitsmehaniee: “grabeng iyak ko oyy :’) welcome back mr. suave :’) we miss you so much <3 <3 @VhongX44 #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro” Lore Jane B. Mabayo ‏@iamswirt: “It's @VhongX44 moves, jokes and presence in showtime that I missed sooo much. Glad he's back! #WelcomeBackVhong #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro” HANAH@Hanahbananaaa: “We're happy to see you again in showtime Kuya @VhongX44 we love you, godbless! 🙂 #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro” She Cant Be ME. ‏@ILOVELORDE1000: “#WelcomeBackVhongNavarro WE MISSED YOU PO! And your not alone we are always here for you :)) @VhongX44 :)” Mits Navarro @mitsilfo: “Yung smile na to na kahit papano nakakabawas ng problema sa buhay iloveyousomuch bebevhong #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro” The photo is taken from Vhong Navarro (@OnlyVHONGsters)Facebook fan page.

Roxanne Acosta Files Rape Case Against Vhong Navarro

While the Vhong Navarro- Cedric-Deniece case is still going on, a new rape case emerges and is filed by a lady named Roxanne Cabañero Acosta against the actor-comedian on Wednesday at the Pasig City Prosecutor’s Office

Roxanne is a 24 year old and a former pageant contestant who claimed she was raped by Navarro last 2010.

In an interview by Atty. Virgilio Batalla, the legal counsel of the rape victim, with Kabayan Noli De Castro, his client is now filing the case because she got inspired by Deniece Cornejo.

“Roxanne decided to file a case of rape against Vhong because of Deniece Cornejo case,” Atty. Virgilio Batalla said.

“She is willing to face the consequences,” Atty. Virgilio added.

Atty. Virgilio did not give further information about the case and his client.

The photo above is taken from Vhong Navarro’s Facebook fan page.

Kat Alano Got R@ped By Vhong Navarro? (Netizens Buzz)

Media personality Kat Alano has been making rounds on social media lately following her controversial Tweets that went.

“Justice from the universe. Thank you. After 9 years. Karma people. Don’t ever underestimate it. Just be patient. The truth will always come out.” (Jan 25)

“I think it’s quite appalling how people are so quick to defend those accused of r4pe. This is why so many people get r@ped. This is not the first time people. That’s a fact.” (posted Jan 26)

Netizens were quick to analyze and connect the Tweets to the recent Vhong Navarro controversy.

Tweetizens ask : “Was she r4ped by Vhong Navarro?”

To date, Kat has not mentioned any name nor has hinted on being a victim of r4pe by someone who is a noontime host.

Vhong Navarro now faces lawsuit by Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee for attempted r4pe.

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