Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Versus Huawei P20 Pro DxOMark Score

There is a new king in the DxOMark ranking , even if it is certainly not overwhelming. Galaxy S10 + has in fact obtained 109 points thanks to its triple rear camera, divided into 114 points for photos and 97 for videos; exactly the same identical values achieved by Huawei Mate 20 Pro . Why do we say that is Samsung’s model to excel then? Because in the selfie there is no story: 96 points for the new Galaxy, which is first in this ranking, and only 75 points for Huawei’s smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Versus Huawei P20 Pro

As for the rear cameras, DxOMark underlines the good balance of white and color in general, combined with low noise , even in indoor shots and in low light. The dynamic and realistic range of the Bokeh effect is very wide (although not completely free of artifacts). Autofocus and stabilization also shine in the videos.

As for the selfie instead we have once again a good color rendering, especially the skin tones. The noise seems to be underway, and the autofocus and the exposure of the face in most cases are also good.

There are also faults though. The two front cameras suffer from poor light and the details are not always satisfactory; the latter defect, to a different extent, also applies to the main cameras, and both in the photos and in the videos it is possible to observe the ringing , particularly in the presence of intense light.

It goes without saying that Galaxy S10 (not Plus) should have the same score, since the rear cameras are the same. Frontally, however, things change, and the value obtained in the selfie will certainly be less, due to the absence of a camera, although perhaps it is a negligible detail for many users.

We are indeed in front of a new king, but one that does not seem impossible to oust , considering that even the P20 Pro almost a year ago obtained the same score of 109. And certainly Huawei will not miss the opportunity to distance the rivals, but we’ll talk about this next month , after the launch of the P30 series. Meanwhile, you can read the entire DxOMark analysis on Galaxy S10 + following the link to the source.

Leaks of LG G8, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Motor Razr 2019 Foldable [VIDEO]

After the insanity of CES 2019, where we could meet some cell phones like the Huawei Nova 4 or the Honor View 20 , the rumors change course to focus on the next big event, the Mobile Devices World Congress (MWC, for short) in English), although with one caveat: Samsung has decided to break the mold this year and will launch the future Galaxy S10 in San Francisco on February 20, just a few days before the appointment in Barcelona.

With this in mind, the rumors do not stop. The Galaxy S10 – if that was its official name – is the most important phone that we hope to date and everything seems to indicate that its power will be higher. We had the opportunity to test the Snapdragon 855 processor that will be released in this device, and the truth is that it is expected to provide performance up to 45 percent faster than the Snapdragon 845, which is the one that incorporated the Galaxy S9 in some markets.

It is expected that the Galaxy S10 and also the Galaxy S10 Plus can have up to 12GB of RAM and that it opens a small hole in the screen for the front camera, something similar to two phones already launched by Huawei.

Among other leaks, this week we have also been able to know that the future LG phone, probably called LG G8 , will have an accessory that will be able to add a second screen. This would be a panel that can show additional information or the same but in a larger format.