[VIDEO] President Duterte’s Message For “EB” 37th Anniversary

Ang “EB” Show ay nagsi-celebrate ng kanilang 37th year anniversary on TV.

Marami ang sorpresang inihanda and nasabing show para sa kanilang mga manonood.

Isa sa mga sorpresang ito ay ang pagbigay mensahe ng mahal na pangulong Rodrigo Duterte.

Sa isang clip na ini-ere ng show, sabi ni President Duterte, “Good day! I am Rodrigo Duterte and I would like to greet the men and women all these years who are responsible for the program “EB”. It has its staying power and I pray to God That “EB” would continue to exist a thousand years. Congratulations and happy anniversary.”

Si Pangulong Duterte ang ika-pitong president na naabutan ng nasabing show.

LOOK: President Rodrigo Duterte and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach In One Photo

Kamakailan lang ay ibinahagi ni Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach ang larawan nila ni President Rodrigo Duterte.

Sa kanyang Instagram ipino – post niya ito na may caption, “What an honor it was to meet our new President, Rodrigo Duterte. First Mindanaon President and first Mindanaon Miss Universe 😊👑🇵🇭”

Marami ang natuwa sa nasabing photo nila.

Ito ang ilan sa mga reaksyon ng followers ni Pia sa kanyang IG:

leeyuhh413 – “Mabuhay po kayong dalawa😊❤️ inspirasyon kayo ng mga pilipino👊🏼👊🏼 (ang pambansang selfie ng PILIPINAS)🇵🇭🇵🇭🎉🎉”

dandan_realllllyy – “Mabuhay ang Pilipinas🙋🙋naway patnubayan kayo ng Panginoon😻😻🙏”

jhangsteer – “I love this photo! super.. 👍👍👍❤❤❤”

yakhiera – “Mindanaoans rule!!!! ahehehe. Mabuhay ka President Digong at Ms. Pia :)”

Pia and Digong

New photo by piawurtzbach on Instagram. Posted on July 18, 2016.

Full Speech, Transcript of Rodrigo Duterte During Davao Flag Ceremony June 27 2016

The video is courtesy of UNTV and for transcript turn on CC or closed captions on YouTube. (Applies to English only)

President Rodrigo Duterte attended his final flag raising ceremony as mayor in Davao City and to say his goodbye to City Hall workers as he is set to formally accept office as the sixteenth president of the Philippines 3 days from now.

The Philippines News Agency reported that Duterte as a rule avoided the banner function amid his term and left the everyday schedule of City Hall to his City Administrator Melchor Quitain. He, be that as it may, goes to banner raising rituals on unique events.

He additionally takes care of graciousness visits and sees individuals requesting the neighborhood government’s help.

For Monday’s last banner raising function of Duterte, Quitain and some office head arranged the location by restoring Osmeña Park and repainting the Durian Fountain.

Duterte has been serving Davao City for a long time now.

Duterte: Cut Manhood of Father If Kids Reach 5

During today’s speech of Duterte in his last flag raising ceremony as a Mayor in Davao, controversial but meaty statements were heard once again.

The president elect remains firm with his war against criminals and drug lords. He mentioned about keeping mum on the claims of China on Philippine territories but he is in talks with government officials. He says he will push for death penalty.

What really caught many netizens’ attention though is Duterte’s policy on family planning.

He said he is going to implement a 3 child policy and will ask social workers to be proactive about it.

“Cut the manhood if kids reach 5!”

Clearly, this was a joke, or some sort of hyperbole. But the message is outright. Digong insists 3 children policy will be beneficial.

He also slammed the Catholic Church again for their 5000 saints and the 3000 year old bible.

Related link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bubTgfBhARM

Duterte Slammed For Teaming Up With Yellow Politicians

One-sided blind followers, this is how Aiza Seguerra calls Duterte supporters who keep bashing other people, even those fellow supporters, that do not share their similar views. And it seems like recent message fit the news this day.

Today’s news bears headlines of Duterte’s meeting with LP politicians including outgoing House Speaker Sonny Belmonte.

Commenters point that the president-elect betrayed those who voted for him by making an alliance with the very same people they hated (referring to members of the Liberal Party).

But just to be clear, there are no finalities or papers that were signed to officially close what they call the Coalition Change or super majority in the congress between members of LP and PDP Laban.

Reports also reveal that a super majority is brewing in the senate.

Netizens point out that while it seems off that Duterte is shaking hands with “them”, it is but worth noting that this is the president’s strategy. After all he had mentioned before that he needed the country to be united in order for his programs to prosper. And he cannot do that with opposing parties here and there.

Other netizens point out that Digong is merely “keeping his enemies closer”.

Whatever his motivations or reasons are, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte only has good intentions for the country.

This is a better move than the blame game that previous administration is well known for, cancelling and alienating those who are not of the same color as theirs.

Aiza Seguerra have put it perfectly in her recent social media post, calling followers to be united but at the same time be critical thinkers.Related link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yoo4d90q3A

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As a Duterte supporter, I would encourage na sana wag naman tayo maging blind followers. It will help our president kung hindi tayo one sided at marunong tayong magbigay ng respeto sa opinion ng iba instead of fanning the flames of hatred towards people who don't share the same point of view or opinion. Wala naman problema ipagtanggol si Tay Digong. Pero ayusin naman natin. Maging responsable naman tayo dahil dala dala natin ang pangalan niya. Read the whole article, not just headlines. Wag puro memes. Siguraduhin ninyo kung tama ang information ninyo. Intindihin ninyo kung talagang ganon nga ang ang gustong sabihin ng taong involved. Gusto nyong maging media ni Duterte? Then you have to be fair. Nagrereklamo tayo na biased ang media. Eh Kayo? Kaya niyo bang hindi maging biased? Yung iba nga sa inyo, ang tindi ninyong mangutya agad agad dahil lang hindi ninyo nagustuhan ang sinabi. Galit na galit tayo sa binabato kay Tay Digong eh minsan nauuna pa ang iba sa atin na mambato sa iba ng mas masasama pang salita dahil lamang iba sila ng pananaw. Yan ba yung pinagmamalaki ninyong pagbabago? In the same way na sinasabi natin na alamin ang konteksto ng mga statements ni Tay Digong, gawin din natin yon para sa ibang tao. Hindi porke't iba sa opinyon ninyo, aawayin niyo na. The more na nambabastos tayo, lalong nasisira ang pagtingin nila sa mahal nating presidente. There's always a way of protecting and defending our President na hindi kailangan manira at mambastos ng kapwa. We cannot be blind followers na bibirahin nalang lahat ng hindi sangayon sa atin. As much as gusto natin na pare-pareho tayo ng opinion about certain matters, imposible yon. At kung mag-aaway tayo at mag babastusan at mag rereklamo ng walang katapusan at maninira dahil lamang iba tayo ng pananaw, then there can be no peace. At yun ang ang unang-unang sinabi ni Digong nung nanalo siya. He wants us to be united kahit magkakaiba tayo ng opinion, relihiyon, ideology at paniniwala. Hindi lang ang mga political parties, hindi lang ang mga naging kalaban sa eleksyon kundi tayong lahat. Digong needs our help. We all want our COUNTRY to succeed. If we want CHANGE; WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.

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LOL! Kapamilya Star’s IG Post About Duterte Child Policy Now Trending

Kapamilya host Luis Manzano never fails to give us that ROTF moment every IG post he makes.

This time he shared this funny exchange of netizens about Duterte’s three child policy.

The netizen took it differently thinking about what would happen to her other 3 siblings since there are 6 of them in the family.

Another netizen reacted to the post and even made the conversation worse or actually funnier.

He told the first commenter that what Duterte actually meant was that only 3 of her silings will become police officers.

This really spun Luis’s head captioning “I feel the weight for them”, along with a tag MyGodIHateDrugs.

[Video] Evidence of Illegal Substance Use by Partygoers During Closeup Event

“Droga na, adikan na!”

Going viral now is this video posted by Mocha Uson on Facebook which shows the supposed use of illegal substance by some of those attending the rave party organized by Closeup last Saturday.

In the video, a girl is seen and heard warning the people that she is taking a video of them and that it will reach incoming president Rodrigo Duterte, shouting the words “droga na, adikan na”.

Mocha, the uploader said in the captions that the girl was not high.

As of today, five were reported dead from still unknown causes as per statements by organizers and the police.

Making rounds on social media however are rumors that illegal substances mixed in drinks may have been the cause of death. But these are not yet confirmed as of posting.

Closeup has already issued an apology statement and are now helping the victims’ families. They are also cooperating with the police for the ongoing investigation.


Netizen Notices Something In This Dinner Photo with Gretchen and Duterte

Gretchen Baretto Attends Simple Dinner With President Duterte

Private Dinner with our President Duterte (heart emoji).

This was the Instagram post by Greta today. But one netizen noticed one thing.

globeandforks: If you observe and look closely, it looks like it is just an ordinary conference room.. A far cry from a lavish banquet a newly elected President would be seen at. Give him a break! He has a major overhauling to do.

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Private Dinner@with our President Duterte ❤️

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Trillanes Leaving RP To Escape Treason Case? Netizens React

Antonio Trillanes IV is seen at the air terminal purportedly leaving the country, to which netizens suspect that this is his way of escaping a treason charge against him.

The images uploaded by Davao Breaking News have turned viral on social media.

The senator, who lost in the 2016 elections for vice president, is confronting treachery and secret activity accusations together with President Benigno Aquino III for alleged “back-channel meeting” with Chinese officials.

Cleofy Rivera – Better leave the country and stay in China magpa citizen ka na din dun tutal ur one of their allies diba,traitor.

Trevor Thornton – Hey Trillanes you forgot your partner in crime Pnoy , you watch the next to run will be Pnoy ,I know if I was the one checking his passport I would rip it up and say sorry sir but you need to get another passport in which time the new president could of got him so he could have been charged.

Angelina Pajaron Iduyan – Trillanes running away before president judgement day. Where is the corrupt NIAA staff. Pls plant a bullet him too. Ur coward if u let him get away without bullets on his baggage.

Michael Taganahan Paeste – This asshole need to pack up things before Digong assumes office coz he surely kick his ass and deploy him as ambassador to Spratlys without pay coz he stays there for good unless those bull-heads or great white sharks will refuse to tear him down into pieces if his escape plan is to swim 200 nautical miles from nearest island.

The camp of Trillanes have not spoken or issued statement on the whereabouts of the senator.

Trillanes insisted that he was able to accomplish his mission, within the authority given to him by the President Noynoy Aquino and without compromising the country’s territorial claim, which is now the main subject of an Arbitration case.

Duterte Says Alan Cayetano Is My Vice President

Rodrigo Duterte during a press conference today iterates Alan Cayetano remains to be his vice president and that a post as secretary to the Department of Foreign Affairs awaits him.

Earlier it was reported that a seat at the Department of Justice has also been offered to Cayetano.

However, Ernesto Yasay has been named today to fill in as acting Foreign Affairs secretary for one year while waiting for Cayetano.

Candidates are banned from occupying cabinet seats within a year after elections.

Mayor Duterte after mentioning Tugade as his chosen cabinet secretary for DOTC, calls on Cayetano to join him in the table during today’s press con.

“You are my vice president”, says Duterte to which the crowd cheered.


Click here for the List of Rodrigo Duterte Cabinet Members