Who Is Richard “Chard” Parojinog – Pastillas Girl 4Th Date

The advice segment on Show now turned reality dating game that netizens call BugawSerye is bragging about its 2nd week, far cry from AlDub’s 2nd Monthsary.

The noontime show tapped another guy to pose as a new date for Pastillas Girl Angelica Yap.

Richard Chard Parojinog is a 23 year old business man from Ozamiz City.

He comes from the influential clan of the Parojinogs, who currently takes government seat in the Mayor’s office.

The Parojinogs are the inspiration of Robin Padilla’s controversial film about the Kuratong Baleleng.

Kuratong Baleleng has been linked to the Parojinogs, notorious for their bank robbery cases in Manila.

Ozamiz City, where dominance of the family is, is also known as haven for drug lords and narcotic activities.

Chard is the fourth guy to be introduced as new date for Yap.


Chard used to be overweight but has now shed pounds after being active in running.

His height is 5’8″ and he currently has no girlfriend.

His Twitter account is mrparojinog and his Instagram is RicardoParojinog.

He has an official private Facebook although there are a handful of pseudo accounts of him online.