Olympus OM-D E-M1X: the professional Micro 4/3 is powerful with 60 fps bursts, Philippine Price 179,850.02

Expected by many, at least among fans of the sector, the new flagship Olympus has arrived. It’s called OM-D E-M1X and aims at professionals with the promise of a reliable , powerful and fast machine .

The body is of considerable size, even to be a Micro 4/3, and in fact it looks like an E-M1 with battery grip . The monolith, obviously tropicalized (impressive video test that you find at the bottom of the article), houses inside two TruePic VIII processors that go to manage the 20 megapixels of the CMOS sensor .

With this supply the camera shoots between 200-25600 ISO with bursts that reach 60 fps (!) At full resolution with autofocus and exposure locked (otherwise they are 18 fps). Among the most particular shooting modes there is a very high resolution that combines multiple shots up to 80 megapixels , if done on a tripod, or 50 megapixel freehand.

This last feature works thanks to the impressive on-body stabilization system , which promises up to 7.5 gain stops . Really remarkable. The autofocus system counts 121 phase detection points and among other things it has tracking with the recognition of the subjects (means, people, eyes).

The double battery promises up to 870 shots and also serves to manage the accessory features of the camera, such as integrated GPS , pressure sensors , temperatures and acceleration, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth .

The video industry is more conventional and the OM-D E-M1X arrives at DCI 4K at 24 fps with bitrate at 237 Mpbs or 4K at 30 fps at 102 Mbps, with reading from the entire sensor but without HDR or 10-bit output . To be used if necessary but nothing suitable for videomakers of a certain level.

A high-end device , designed mostly to take pictures in moments when you can not afford to miss the right moment.

Off limits for most amateurs, but all in all acceptable considering the pro target of the camera and the many features offered.