MarNella Holding Hands, Vote Like #ManoPo7

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Holding Hands 💚💑
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As someone who grew up in the countryside,  I know exactly how difficult it is to traverse the steeps especially if you’re wearing a city outfit.

During this taping with Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador, Marlo here is seen taking really good care of our Super Janella.

Pa-promo? Don’t think so.

Remember this was shot when the crew was traversing the terrains so definitely every one was busy. 

Except for one staff who couldn’t help but giggle and notice the sweetness.

Off cam, MarNella are really sweet to each other. 

Mano Po 7 we can’t wait!

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Vote Like or Dislike: Marlo Mortel for Star Magic Ball 

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Feeling like a Prince tonight at the #StarMagicBall2016 😀 

Thank you sir Pepsi Herrera @pepsiherrera this Suit is just Perfect! 

👌 Grooming by @itsmegeorgiareyes 

Hi guys what do you think of Marlo’s white suit for the Star Magic Ball? 

One word here though! CHARMING!

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The Unshakeable MarNella: Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador for Mano Po 7 – Ratings and Reactions

Say what you want to say about movie franchises on MMFF but MarNella is set to take theaters this Christmas by storm.

The two has already proven their blockbuster worth last year with Haunted Mansion.

And they are going to kill it with the seventh installment of Mano Po.

Proof indeed of the magic and power of MarNella. Coz they are “born for it”.

I mean look at the stars who played Mano Po characters before, they are big stars in their own right.

We are so thrilled for Janella and Marlo on the silver screen.

How excited are you? Rate how many stars above, click like or dislike below and tell us in the comment below your expectations for Mano Po 7. 

Hear from you soon.

Marlo Mortel, Fans Pray For Mom With Cancer 

Marlo Mortel, Fans Pray For Mom With Cancer 
Marlo Mortel

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Done with Church ☺ 

Thank you Lord for always taking care of my family. 

Especially my mom who has gone through a lot because of her Cancer. 

All is well. 

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone! –

Watch! Marlo Mortel With A Good Heart

Awesome to see Marlo Mortel returning the very first stage he performed on as a Kapuso when he first joined Walang Tulugan gang in GMA.

Here he performed Let Me Be The ONE originally by Jimmy Bondoc.

Despite being a Kapamilya now and a soaring career, he still hasn’t forgotten his first friends, truly a man with a good heart.

You deserve all the blessings Marlo.

Grats Marlo Mortel! Positive Feedback on MMFF performance

An uber talented performer, a convincing host and TV actor, Marlo definitely has what it takes to be in line with the Philippines’ next matinee idols to look up to.

But that’s not enough, his performance in the MMFF entry Haunted Mansion further cements his place in this very dynamic world of showbiz.

Whether it’s the stage, the small screen or the silver screen, Marlo definitely can deliver.

We wish you more success this 2016, as God fashions more big roles for you to fill in.

And of course, speaking of fashion, check out these Ornstal bracelet perfect for all of us Marlo family.