Where to buy Maine Mendoza’s MAC Lipstick in the Philippines, USA, Worldwide and outside the Philippines

Maine Mendoza’s MAC lipstick shade is yet to be available, but fans of the phenomenal star are clamoring for it. In fact, the company received several preorders.

So how do you buy and where do you buy Maine’s MAC lipstick.

First, for now your first option is to purchase existing MAC lipstick shades. The ones that Maine Mendoza use for herself. In the Philippines, you can buy MAC lipstick here:Written by Enchos.com, DO NOT COPY PASTE REPOST OR REBLOG

1.) Rustans – high end shopping places like this do have sections that sell MAC.
2.) SM Malls – yes you will find them here as well but not all SMs may have stalls or boutiques that sell them
3.) Online and grey market – although this can be tricky, be aware of imitations. So best bet are direct buy-and-sell dealers, those who buy MAC products, let’s say from US and they bring it here or import to sell them at a markup.

If you find them selling at Lazada or Shopee, just be careful and do extra research about the authenticity of the product. After all, you are putting it onto your lips.

Outside the country, your options are many. As it is easy to purchase MAC lipstick, especially those shades that Maine uses. If you are in the US for example, it is quite easy.Written by Enchos.com, DO NOT COPY PASTE REPOST OR REBLOG

1.) MAC website – your best option of course is to visit the official website https://www.maccosmetics.com/products/13854/products/makeup/lips/lipstick. In fact, in the Philippines you can order as well.
2.) Amazon is where you will find a variety of MAC lipstick shades and even other products, so check them out.

MAC as of summer announced that they are still in the process of the production for Maine’s very own shade. So expect that this product will be sold out.

Check out all these MAC Lipstick products below:Written by Enchos.com, DO NOT COPY PASTE REPOST OR REBLOG

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