Vote Like! Lyca Gairanod Shows Kapamilya Xmas OOTD & Where to buy?


Fresh of course from the much talked about and successful premier of the Kapamilya Christmas Station ID, here is Lyca and her OOTD.

And it is no other than the official shirt for the Kapamilya’s Christmas campaign.

This year, it is “Isang Pamilya Tayo Ngayong Pasko!”

Our little teen superstar Lyca rocks her OOTD like a lady pro, you know.

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Well, if you do, you can always check out all the latest and hottest Kapamilya Merch.

Visit the link below.

Vote Like! Lyca Gairanod Does Hello Kitty AR

A couple of days ago,  Lyca posted this on her IG .

It’s a selfie video of her using a popular smartphone app with a Hello Kitty AR filter. 

There’s something about AR filters that we love so much.  

From the name itself AR, it enhances our present visual reality. 

All the more, mirroring of our already awesome selves.

Lyca shares with us that despite all the modern ways for us to look enhanced digitally. 

We should never forget our identity. 

Lyca just stays true to herself. And that’s why she is always loved. 

Vote Like if you love this filter or Dislike if you like another cartoon character instead. 

Lyca Gairanod Rockin Out @MossimoPH OOTD, Vote Like or Dislike?

Lyca Gairanod here seen with her OOTD courtesy of Mossimo Philippines.

I have always been referring to her as Little Superstar.

But you know what it is kind of like an oxymoron, little (small) and superstar (it’s actually big).

Thinking about it though, stars do start out small.

I am talking celestial stars and they do grow bigger.

The more massive they become, the greater the gravity force.

And Lyca is just like that, in time, will be dropping the adjective little.

But just like anything that starts out small, she will be a stable and a great star.

Coz you know things that start small tend to last forever!

And speaking of forever, the “Forever’s Not Enough” singer and her Ate Coach, Sarah Geronimo, well, don’t they resemble each other?

Superstars and fashion icons.

Gosh, oh wait, for those asking why Lyca isn’t in Star Magic Ball?

Let’s wait, her time will come, and a grand entrance is just brewing for her. Hahah!

OMG, what do you think of Lyca rockin out this red checkered dress from Mossimo Philippines? Click like or dislike above.

Like or Dislike: Sarah and Lyca, 2 Superstars in 1 Photo and Movie?

Are we serious?

This is super super like!!!!  

Okay,  this photo really made my day.

Two princesses, the Pop Princess and the Prinsesa ng Masa and 2 Superstars in one photo. 

Click Like button above though to up vote this!

But seriously though, imagine Sarah G and Lyca in a movie project?

If you catched in the 90s, the film Kadenang Bulaklak will really fit the story for them.

Kadenang Bulaklak is a movie about sisters who are separated because of poverty and will be reunited through music.

How do you like that?

For now though,  the two share the screen for the 2016 Christmas station ID and we cannot wait. 

Comment below what movie project will best fit Sarah and Lyca and what will be a good story?  Hear from you.

Grats! Lyca Gairanod Has More Increasing Listeners on Spotify, Now 22K

Now, Lyca Gairanod has been gaining more and more listenership on the number one streaming platform Spotify.

Appearing on 7 collections and albums, Lyca is one of the certified artists with a monthly listeners now of 22,872.

Today, it even increased by 162.

She now has 2,926 followers.

And she is mostly discovered via the New Music Friday playlist with almost 7000 listeners.

Lyca Gairanod is mostly listened in Quezon City with 2840 listeners, Makati City 1,113, San Juan 961, Manila 842 and Pasig City 690.

The Puede Nang Mangarap Deluxe Album is now available for streaming so make sure to add this on your playlist.

What is your favorite streaming app to listen to Lyca Gairanod?

And how often do you listen everyday? Let us know in the comments below.

Support Lyca Gairanod on Amazon in the link below:

Lyca Gairanod OOTD Is Royally Special, Here’s Why

We are so lovin this OOTD post by the one and only Little Superstar.

Lyca Gairanod recently posted this on her IG.

It’s pink accentuated purple outfit and it is so special.

You know purple is the color of royalty.

Very fitting of course for the Prinsesa ng Masa.

What other favorite colors of Lyca do you like seeing her wearing? How many stars would you give it? Rate above.

Comment below.

Lyca Gairanod’s Next Album, What Is The Title of the Album?

How time flies, our princess has grown up now, well she already is a blooming Queen, in the hearts of ours and to her fans.

Now, some of you may be a little more excited, but yes, we can definitely expect more to come from the Little Superstar.

A new album could also be in the horizon.

Right now, we are so pumped with Lyca’s great performance as she tours around the country, proof of that her sold out tour in Cebu.

Plus not only that, she also gives importance to her education, setting good example to her contemporaries.

And never forgets to give back, to those in need.

On May 22, along with UniSilver Time, Lyca invites you to join the Pilipinas Run with the Stars, a fun run with celebrity stars for the benefit of the families of the AFP fallen heroes.

Run with the Stars happening at the Parade Ground, Quirino Grandstand Rizal Parki, Manila.

And regarding her second album, if you were to give it a title? What will it be?

I’d love to know your suggestions, who knows it might be used. Love to hear you in the comments below.