Kat Alano Got R@ped By Vhong Navarro? (Netizens Buzz)

Media personality Kat Alano has been making rounds on social media lately following her controversial Tweets that went.

“Justice from the universe. Thank you. After 9 years. Karma people. Don’t ever underestimate it. Just be patient. The truth will always come out.” (Jan 25)

“I think it’s quite appalling how people are so quick to defend those accused of r4pe. This is why so many people get r@ped. This is not the first time people. That’s a fact.” (posted Jan 26)

Netizens were quick to analyze and connect the Tweets to the recent Vhong Navarro controversy.

Tweetizens ask : “Was she r4ped by Vhong Navarro?”

To date, Kat has not mentioned any name nor has hinted on being a victim of r4pe by someone who is a noontime host.

Vhong Navarro now faces lawsuit by Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee for attempted r4pe.

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