Viral Video: Kathryn Fans Frown Koreans Choosing Liza Soberano As Prettiest Filipina Star

Recently, Koreans YouTubers uploaded a video on YouTube that became viral.

The video was about the prettiest Filipina stars.

Among the stars chosen were Julia Barretto, Marian Rivera, Kathryn Bernardo and Liza Soberano.

Koreans chose Liza as the prettiest one.

Because of this, fans of Kathryn reacted.

Below are some of their reactions posted in social media.

Andrei Roan Soriano – “I showed the same set of pics to my Korean friends before (except Daniel Padilla lol) and they were all hesitant about Kathryn’s beauty because of her “brown skin” they were also surprised why I can find bareface pics of them so easily! Filipino celebrities usually upload bareface selcas anyway! Also, lol at julia and kathryn looking older than their ages! They definitely look young without makeup! Plus plus show them liza’s bareface pic!! She is definitely pretty!! I’m sure the guy will go.”

KathNiel19 – “If you’re looking for real filipina beauty, there’s Kathryn Bernardo. Look at her eyes, nose, lips and especially her skin tone! Yeah Liza Soberano and Julia Barretto are very very pretty but they don’t have real filipina beauty because they are all half-filipinas.. Kathryn is pure filipina, not only her, there are also actresses like Sarah Geronimo, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Kristine Hermosa, Maja Salvador etc.. By the way, the most popular loveteam in the Philippines is indeed the “Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla” loveteam!!”

Marc Valmoria – “Liza is the prettiest in reference to these pictures. But in other pictures, i prefer Kathryn to be the most beautiful.”

Jeya Cordova – “Filipinos doesn’t need to prefer on double eyelids because mostly Filipinos has an inborn double eyelids. And KATHRYN is really famous in the Philippines She is the “TEEN QUEEN” here but the picture you used to compare Kathryn from the other celebrity was her not so pretty shot. You should check some of her pictures too.”

As of this writing the video has 1.1 millions views after four days.

Trending! Iñigo Pascul, Julia Barretto In A Relationship?

People are starting notice the closeness between Iñigo Pascual and Julia Barreto.

Based on what they are seeing, the two stars seem to be having a special relationship.

During the recent press conference of their upcoming movie with James Reid and Nadine Lustre, Piolo Pascual’s son was so touchy on the shoulder of the young lady.

But despite the closeness of these two young actors, the actress said that the young Pascual is just her best friend.

In an interview, Julia said “He is the person that you can count on anytime. You can cry on his shoulder anytime of the day and willing to listen if you want to talk to him. He’s there for me.”

Aside from upcoming movie, “….Hopeless Romantic”, they also teamed up on the upcoming series. “And I Love You So.”

Star Stalk: Inigo Pascual Posts A Sweet Message For Julia Barretto

The actor Inigo Pascual did not hide his appreciation towards his leading lady, Julia Barretto.

Recently, Piolo Pascual’s son posted a photo of the actress in his Instagram with a caption, “So proud of this girl. You are an inspiration to many people. The people who know you are very lucky. Keep shining Jules.The best thing about you is that you have a real relationship with the Lord God. Your faith in Him is an awesome thing to witness. You are amazing you are Just Julia. Always here for you.”

Inigo Post Message To Julia

By doing this, fans and supporters are happy for him being an honest person.

Inigo and Julia is the newest tandem in Philippine Showbiz set to do an upcoming series with Miles Ocampo entitled, ” And I Love You So”.

They are also part of the upcoming film with James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

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Claudine Barretto Hopes To Work Julia Barretto Soon

Last Sunday March 29, the actress Claudine Barretto was interviewed by Boy Abunda.

During the interview, the actress revealed that she wants to do a remake series of her former TV project with her niece, Julia Barretto.

Her revelation came out after Claudine made appearance in a mini-family reunion with her nieces during Julia’s 18th birthday.

As of now, the Star Magic Queen is set to do movies soon as part of her comeback in Philippine Showbiz.

According to her, she is doing this before any series to test if she still has a market.

Follow the story by clicking the video below.

Netizens React On Issue About James Reid and Julia Barreto

Recently, reports circulated online suggesting James Reid and Julia Baretto are dating.

This happened after a photo posted by followkennethsiy in his Instagram account saw them together at Baang Coffe Shop Tomas Morato.

Julia and james

Because of this, netizens posted mixed reactions ove. Some of them okayed while others frowned.

One of the commenters said, “Just because they were seen in the same place/area by the same person, and just because there’s a blind item leading to believe that tge BI was relating to James, or whomever you think (and I’m saying all this in general terms), that doesn’t mean that they are, in any way, dating. Geez, people; stop assuming things to flatter your own personal fantasies when you don’t know the truth. This is why there’s always an issue with these kinda things.”

James, Julia, Nadine Lustre and Iñigo Pascual are the stars of the upcoming movie entitled, “….. Hopeless Romatic” that will be on cinemas nationwide soon.

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Julia Barretto and Dennis Padilla are Now In Good Terms Again

After the snubbing incident, the father and daughter, Dennis Padilla and Julia Barretto are in good terms again.

In a recent photo of the two posted on Instagram by the actress, they looked so happy.

The said photo has a caption, “Papa being his comedian self.”

Dennis Padilla and Julia Barretto

Last December, it was reported saying that Julia was allegedly snubbed her father in a party.

On the other hand, netizens commented on the actress’ status.

Below are some of it:

Chelraveri – “Be a good daughter always so lucky of you, because you still have a father. For that, you should treasure for it. God bless.”

Itsjustme_freadea – “I hope haters will stop Julia. She is good despite I don’t know her personally.”

Wanderingnoreen – “Your soul should be as beautiful as your face. Be sincere.”

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“I’m pleased. I’m so proud of her. Julia can act. She’s than better than I.”

This was the statement of Claudine Barretto in a surprise guesting of the Mula Sa Puso on DZMM’s radio program Mismo May 5, 2014.

Showbizlandia has always been hooked with the goins on within the Barretto clan and with Claudine saying good things about the niece what could this possibly mean.

Clau and Julia first worked together on TV for the teleserye Walang Kapalit with Piolo Pascual. Julia played the young Claudine, something she really requested from Wenn Deramas.

She revealed that aside from drama, Julia has talent for comedy, referring to being the daughter of comedian Dennis Padilla.

For now, Claudine is focused on raising her kids.

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Sam Concepcion Uses Anne, Jasmine Curtis, Julia Barretto for Fame?

This is the buzzing issue in social media, as Sam Concepcion blurredly confessed on Buzz ng Bayan that he and Jasmine Curtis are sort of, officially together.

“I guess so, oo”, was the answer of the Mira starrer.

This was found by many netizens kind of intriguing. An answer like that as many tweetizens say is not manly enough, unsure about the real status.

Tweetizens pointed out that that Sammy appeared like using the controversies involving him and Anne Curtis to get a share of the spotlight for his career.

The matinee idol has also dragged the Julia Barretto into it controversy pit, but insists nothing is going on between him and the Mira lead star.

Sam has put final closure on the confrontation and said that all is okay now with Anne.

As with Jasmine, Sam thinks her girlfriend’s family probably likes him since he has spent time with the father and mother.

But what do you think? Is Sam really sure with Jasmine and their relationship? What do you think about that statement, “I guess so, oo” when asked about their real score?

Enrique Gil and Julia Barretto Series Pilot Episode March 24, 2014: “A Big Hit On TV, Social Media”

Today is the pilot episode of the series, starring Enrique Gil and Julia Barretto.

The story is about a young woman who is afraid to fall in love because of her dark complexion.

With the help of a magic candle, she eventually transforms into a beautiful lady.

What will be the future Mira as she grows up and yet suffers from the curse brought by her father and mother?

Meanwhile, netizens took into micro-blogging site, Twitter, to give their comments and reactions on the series.

By using the hashtag #TheStoryOfMira, the pilot episode becomes the top trending topic today.

Below are some of the comments:

Jeffrey P. Alcazar – ‏ “Great pilot episode.”

ghuianestty ‏- “NICE.. excited for next episode…the events runs so fast thats good.”

TLR ‏- “The pilot episode was a big success indeed! Congratulations for all the casts! Job well done! keep on watching tomorrow.”

The photo above is taken from Gerald Anderson Facebook fan page.

Upcoming Programs Of Kapamilya Network Reveals for This 2014

Just recently, Kapamilya network released the list of their upcoming series and programs for this 2014 from romantic, sexy-drama and fantasy.

According to the network, several of this Kapamilya series are now in different stages of development.

Fans and televiewers are surely excited to see all this series.

Below are the six upcoming programs of Kapamilya network:

A series with Gerald Anderson, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis
A series with Coco Martin, Kim Chiu, Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca
A series with Bea Alonzo
A series with Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil
A series with Ellen Adarna and JC de Vera
A series reunion project of Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda