Like or Dislike? Maine Mendoza, Vic Sotto & JoWaPao Sitcom at Ang Katotohanan Behind Issue Na Pinagalitan #ALDUBChooseHappiness

Maine Mendoza, Vic Sotto Mas Tumitindi Pa Ang Samahan, Ang Katotohanan Behind Issue Na Pinagalitan (wag bibitiw)Written by, copy paste prohibited, DO NOT REPOST, repost not allowed. Learn to write your own article, lazy idiot!

Usap-usapan nga sa mga netizens na may isa raw sa TVJ ang may “bad blood” against Meng after the open letter, napagalitan daw si Meng

Na-notice ng karamihan na medyo nag-iba raw ang treatment ni Bossing Vic sa ating Bibi Girl lalo na on air (pero parang hindi naman)Written by, copy paste prohibited, DO NOT REPOST, repost not allowed. Learn to write your own article, lazy idiot!

“V, I think. He’s been giving M the cold shoulder since the entire fiasco she created and ran away from” – 1517336815527 (Source:

Ang issue kasi daw ay dapat marunong makisama at hindi dapat magpadalus-dalos sa desisyon, kasi may naapektuhang ibang employees

In contrast, Written by, copy paste prohibited, DO NOT REPOST, repost not allowed. Learn to write your own article, lazy idiot! mas tumitindi ngayon ang samahan ng Dabarkads, Vic Sotto remains to be a big supporter of Maine Mendoza

Sa Inquirer report ay sinabi nga ng comedy blockbuster legend na si Bossing to Maine na “you have my full support”, (Source:

Lately rin ay napabalitang may gagawing situation comedy show sina Maine and Bossing Vic, or isang solo TV show kay Meng (src:

Si Maine ho ay dalawa ang pinaplano, isang talk show o isang sitcom kasama si Bossing – sabi ni Myrna De Vega Baluyut

Ang TVJ ay parang mga second parents na ni Menggay, Written by, copy paste prohibited, DO NOT REPOST, repost not allowed. Learn to write your own article, lazy idiot! they are witnesses sa pag-blast off ng career ng Maine kaya they will never leave her
At dahil last day na rin ngayon ng Lolas Beautiful Show, may panawagang isasali rin ang JoWaPao sa gagawin sitcom.

“Hay. Someone please make a sitcom happen. JoWaPaoMengDen is a comedic force and an advertiser’s dream”. Sabi ni piecesofchi

Ano ang reaksyon nyo sa napapabalitang sitcom for Bossing Vic and Maine or with JoWaPao, Written by, copy paste prohibited, DO NOT REPOST, repost not allowed. Learn to write your own article, lazy idiot! naku power house ito ha! If ever, ano timeslot gusto ilagay ang sitcom?

Agree ba kayo sa sitcom na format for Maine with Vic or solo show or both? Ano ang timeslot na gusto niyo? Daily or once a week?Written by, copy paste prohibited, DO NOT REPOST, repost not allowed. Learn to write your own article, lazy idiot!

WATCH: EB KalyeSerye April 9, 2016 #ALDUBSummerGetaway

For the very first time, the “EB: KalyeSerye” is having a summer outing episode with Lola Nidora Lola Tinidora, Alden Richards and Divina.

The viewers are excited to see this.

Lola Nidora also promised to have a surprise today.

For sure, all fun and ‘kilig’ are all in for this episode.

Laglagan wars from Alden and Jose are expected.

Watch out also the riot of Yaya pak and Yaya Git.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza

WATCH: EB March 21, 2016 Lenten Special Episode “Kaputol ng Buhay”

This is the second story of today’s “EB” Lenten Special episode.

It features the “KalyeSerye” team, Lolas Nidora, Tinidora, Tidora and Divina played by Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo, Paolo Balleterros and Maine Mendoza respectively.

This episode is different from the usual ‘KalyeSerye’ that they do every day on the noontime show.

Watch the video below:


Lolas and Divina

WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 18, 2016 #ALDUBBalikMansyon

Today, De Explorer sisters with Divina are back in their mansion.

This happened after Ms. Caitlyn Smash turned over the key and the place for them yesterday.

The mansion was auctioned by Alden Richards’ grandmother, Lola Babah.

However, it was bought again by Divina’s father, Daddy Dodong.

The mansion is now named to Yaya Dub.

It was a birthday gift of Dodong to his daughter.

Watch the video below:


WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 16, 2016 #ALDUB8thMonthsary

Today, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are back on the noontime show, “EB”.

They are celebrating their 8th monthsary.

Aldub Nation is happy seeing them after two days of not being on the show.

Will Alden suprise Maine in the barangay and celebrate the occasion together? Or they will celebrate on split screen only.

Meanwhile, Cookie, the caretaker of the mansion confirmed yesterday that indeed, Divina is the new heir to the De Explorer’s mansion.

Watch the video below for kilig and suprises of today’s episode:

ALDUB 8th Monthsary

WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 15, 2016 #ALDUBTagapagmana

Yesterday, Lolas Nidora visited the mansion after receiving the key from Caitlyn Smash, the step mother of Yaya Dub.

However, a caretaker saw her named Cookie.

This woman managed the mansion even though she has not met the owner.

When Cookie saw Nidora inside the mansion, she followed her until they met face to face.

She thought that the old lady was a criminal or a theft.

Lola Tinidora defended her older sister. She informed the caretaker that they were the owner of the mansion before.

Then, Lolas learned from this caretaker that the new owner is named Divina.

This happened after Yaya Dub called her lolas.

Today, viewers are now expecting that the Divina, who is mentioned by Cookie, is the new heir. Is it really Yaya Dub?

On the other hand, the KalyeSerye love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are still not on the show today.

After their commercial shoot yesterday at Dakak Park and Beach Resort, Dapitan City, the on-screen couple continued their taping for EB Lenten Special entitled, “God Gave Me You”.

Will they show up tomorrow on “EB” for the celebration of their 8th monthsary?

Lolas Nidora and Tinidora

WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 14, 2016 #ALDUBSusiNgMansyon

This is a good Monday for the “EB:KalyeSerye” Squad.

After meeting Caitlyn Smash last Saturday, Lola Nidora got the key to their mansion.

Today, another character is introduced on KS named Cookie.

She is the new caretaker of the De Explorer’s mansion.

Alden Richards and Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza are not in the show because they have another commitment at Dakak Park and Beach Resort.

Watch the video below:


WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 11, 2016 #ALDUBAngPagdalaw

Today on “EB:KalyeSerye”, Lolas and Divina have a meeting with Ms Caitlyn Smash on her mansion.

This happened after De Explorer sisters agreed to meet Yaya Dub’s step mother.

Mrs. Smash offered Divina to transfer to a better school.

Dodong’s wife also said that she is willing to give Yaya Dub’s school allowance and transportation.

However, there is a condition. Dudang wants Yaya Dub to stay with her for some time.

Lolas and ALDUB

WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 9, 2016 #ALDUBTheCompromise

Yesterday, fans and viewers felt worry about the condition of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza after she was seeing in pain during “EB:KalyeSerye” episode.

Even, the actor Alden Richards felt the same on what happened to his love team partner.

The 21 year old lady brought in the nearest hospital on their location.

They just thank God that nothing serious happened about her health.

Today, the KalyeSerye Sweetheart is back on the noontime show while Alden was on Dubai for a concert.

Watch the video below for today’s episode:

JOWAPAO and Meng

WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 3, 2016 #NicomaineAt21

Today, “EB: KalyeSerye” has full of fun and surprises.

This is because the show has a double occasion.

It is the 21st birthday of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and at the same time is the 33rd weeksary of ALDUB.

The studio today has full of people because of the celebrations.

Fans wanted to see Maine in person and greet her in this special day. However, the KalyeSerye Queen celebrates the occasion at the barangay.

But they should not worry. The grand birthday celebration will be happening this Saturday March 5.

Just watch the show for more surprises from Lolas and Alden Richards.

Maine Mendoza At 21