Janella Salvador Thankful For Singing “Moana” Movie Theme Song

Kamailan lang ay ibinahagi ni Janella Salvador ang kanyang feeling matapos maging parte sa pagkanta ng “Moana” movie theme song.

Sa kanyang Instagram, nag-post siya ng photo sa kanyang souvenir na natanggap from Disney.

The photo has caption, “I couldn’t stop staring at this signed souvenir Disney gave me when I got home from Singapore last night. Everything is so surreal. I can finally tell everybody that i’ve been working with Disney and by some miracle, they chose me to represent our country and sing the theme song of their new movie “Moana” (coming out soon)! I met other beautiful women singing for their own countries. What an experience. I hope you all like the song when it comes out! I am indeed blessed 💛✨”.

Umaasa ang actress na magustuhan ito ng lahat.

Narito ang photo:

New photo by superjanella on Instagram. Posted on November 11, 2016.

MarNella Holding Hands, Vote Like #ManoPo7

From @marnellasters – 

Holding Hands 💚💑
#MarNella #Mananatili #MananatiliAngMarNella #ManoPo7 –   

As someone who grew up in the countryside,  I know exactly how difficult it is to traverse the steeps especially if you’re wearing a city outfit.

During this taping with Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador, Marlo here is seen taking really good care of our Super Janella.

Pa-promo? Don’t think so.

Remember this was shot when the crew was traversing the terrains so definitely every one was busy. 

Except for one staff who couldn’t help but giggle and notice the sweetness.

Off cam, MarNella are really sweet to each other. 

Mano Po 7 we can’t wait!

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The Unshakeable MarNella: Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador for Mano Po 7 – Ratings and Reactions

Say what you want to say about movie franchises on MMFF but MarNella is set to take theaters this Christmas by storm.

The two has already proven their blockbuster worth last year with Haunted Mansion.

And they are going to kill it with the seventh installment of Mano Po.

Proof indeed of the magic and power of MarNella. Coz they are “born for it”.

I mean look at the stars who played Mano Po characters before, they are big stars in their own right.

We are so thrilled for Janella and Marlo on the silver screen.

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Hear from you soon.

Mano Po VII Starring Jean Garcia, Janella Salvador, Jana Agoncillo and Richard Yap

Mano Po is back!

This was the first statement of Regal Films on its Instagram account.

Masaya nilang ipipaaalam sa lahat ang pagbabalik ng “Mano Po” movie.

Ito ay pagbibidahan nila Jean Garcia, Janella Salvador, Jana Agoncillo and Richard Yap.

Ito ay ididirek ni Ian Lorenos.

Mapapanood muli sa mga sinihan sa darating na mga araw.

Narito ang kanilang post sa IG:

Mano Po

Mano Po2

New photo by regalfilms50 on Instagram. Posted on August 4, 2016.

LOOK: How Janella Salvador Welcomes the Rainy Season

How do you welcome the rainy season?

Well, Janella Salvador welcomes it by posting an old photo of her where she played in the rain.

The actress shared it on her Instagram account with caption, “Welcoming the rainy season with……”

Here is her photo:

New photo by superjanella on Instagram. Posted on June 24, 2016

LOOK: Janella Salvador Rescued Kitten under a Car

“I just rescued this baby girl. I found her under a car and I got worried cause she can’t see and she’s all alone so I made her a comfy little shoe box bed. I’m currently struggling to feed her. Hmm. What to name this little one?”

New photo by superjanella on Instagram. Posted on June 3, 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S96LuANKY28

Marlo Mortel, Janella Salvador Join Fans in Special Block Screening 

So proud of these two.

They are the kindest and really nicest to be around. And with the success of their MMFF entry Haunted Mansion, we just really wish the best for MarNella this 2016.

Recently, the two generously joined MarNella fans in a special block screening of Haunted Mansion.

If you haven’t already, make sure to watch it on your favorite cinema .

Congrats again Marlo and Janella.