Netizens React About Jake Ejercito Being The Real Father Of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter

Naging usap-usapan ngayon sa social media ang balitang si Jake Ejercito pala ang tunay na ama ng anak ni Andi Eigenmann.

Ito ay matapos ibinunyag ni Max Eigenmann sa programang “Good Times With Mo” kagabi September 22.

Si Max ay half sister ni Andi sa yumaong amang Mark Gil. Ang kanyang ina ay si Bing Pimentel.

Matatandaan na naging big issue kung sino ang tunay na ama ng bata.

Naging controversial pa ang pagkadawit sa pangalan ni Albie Casiño.

Dahil dito, nag-react ang mga netizens. Ngunit wala pang confirmation galing kina Jake at Andi sa nasabing issue.

Narito ang ilan mga reaksyon ng mga netizens posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Jake Ejercito Sweet and Smart @unoemilio @accesstravelph

Jake Ejercito Sweet and Smart
Jake Ejercito Sweet and Smart

From @unoemilio – Sumilon Island, Cebu on 🚀

If you’re like us,  social media buffs,  you may have followed unoemilio, aka Jake Ejercito on the socials.

Even more so, if you are a KalyeSerye fanatic.

Ever since his appearance in the much celebrated noontime segment,  Jake is becoming more popular. 

And with all the good reasons – for being beautiful inside and out. With such a lovely and generous personality, he easily can connect to every soul from all walks of life.

But like they say, being popular has a cost. And so his ever growing fan base also welcomes a surge of bashers and haters.

His tweets for instance have been criticized for being too “ma-koda”.
But haters probably just don’t get it that a guy like Jake is smart that is why his fans love his daily dose of tweets that contain intelligent quotes, critical thoughts and smart posts, not the typical narcissistic social media contents.

His blog site is also one favorite of his

He was recently in the cover of a magazine, one of the many signs this guy is truly blessed, and he is definitely in his peak.

WATCH: Jake Ejercito’s Behind the Scenes Video on Garage Magazine Cover

Just recently, Garage magazine shared the video of Jake Ejercito’s behind the scenes video.

They posted it on their Instagram account.

The video has a caption, “Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of Jake Ejercito’s @unoemilio Garage Magazine cover shoot for June 2016. Grab your copy today!”

The magazine is now available in all stores nationwide.

New photo by garagemagazine on Instagram. Posted on June 14, 2016.

Jake Ejercito The New Garage Magazine Cover For This June 2016

After appearing on the number one show in the country, ‘EB’, Jake Ejercito is now the cover boy of Garage magazine.

It is his first solo cover for a glossy.

The mag has two covers for the June issue.

Fans of Jake can choose what they like or buy both.

Below are the photos:

WATCH: EB Lenten Special Episode March 23, 2016 “God Gave Me You” #EBGodGaveMeYou

Today is the airing of the “EB Lenten Special” episode entitled “God Gave Me You” starring Alden Richards, Jake Ejercito and Maine Mendoza.

Alden portrays the role of James Esteban while Jake plays the role of Matthew Montecillo.

Both of them are friends. They also work as pilots.

Maine, on the other hand, plays the role of a flight attendant named Dani Tayao. She is also a girlfriend of Matthew.

Aside from them, Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo, Ciara Sotto and Michael De Mesa join the cast-members of the show.

It is under the direction of Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Watch the video below:

God Gave Me You

[VIDEO] Alden Richards And Jake Ejercito’s Meeting #ALDUBPaandarNiDudang

Finally, Alden Richards and Jake Ejercito met on “EB: KalyeSerye”.

The Ultimate Bae is back on the show after his Dubai concert.

He went to the barangay for today’s episode of KS where Maine Mendoza, Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo and Allan K were.

Then, he met Divina’s classmate, Jake.

Watch the clips below:

Alden and Jake

WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 12, 2016 #ALDUBPaandarNiDudang

Today is one of the exciting episodes of “EB: KalyeSerye”.

Caitlyn Smash played by Allan K has a ‘paandar’ for the De Explorer sisters and Divina.

What will be this ‘paandar’?

Aside from that, the first meeting of Alden Richards and Jake Ejercito is taking place.

How will Divina handle these two handsome men of her life?

Jake’s second appearance of the show is part of the promotion of the coming EB Lenten special episode, “God Gave Me You”.

Watch the video below:

ALDUB and Jake

STAR STALK: Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza Arguing Because Of Jake Ejercito?

Fans and televiewers are wondering if Alden Richards is really jealous of Jake Ejercito in real life.

This happened after the episode today when Jake Ejercito was calling Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza on “EB:KalyeSerye” while he is in Singapore.

Fans are wonderin about Alden who posted a message on his Twitter about what happened earlier.

Alden Tweets

After a couple of hours, the ‘KalyeSerye Sweetheart’ replied to his tweets saying:

Maine Mendoza

Alden and Jake did not meet in person on the latter’s first appearance on KS because the ‘Ultimate Bae’ was in Middle East tour.

Mayor Joseph Estrada’s son played the role of Divina’s classmate.

Will he visit again soon?

Alden and Maine