Product Placements on Imagine You And Me Movie (Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards)

What are the list of product endorsements or placements seen in the movie Imagine You And Me?

Imagine You And Me is one of the biggest if not the biggest romantic comedy film in the Philippines this 2016.

Fans predict they can surpass the existing title holder of being the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

That title belongs to Vice for an MMFF movie.

On its few hours, the movie sold almost 13 millions pesos worth of tickets.

A popular and effective endorser herself, Maine Mendoza truly has a big hatak so to speak.

And speaking of hatak, did the movie endorse any product? Of course it has, but only minimal. Fans even applaud the director for not cramming in so many placements.

The implementation was in fact very tasteful. It was not forceful.

Product Placements in the movie Imagine You And Me

1.) McDonalds – seen in the first part of the film when Gara is about to leave.
2.) O Plus – seen as the smartphone of (Andrew) Alden Richards.

Soundtrack: Songs Used in Imagine You And Me Movie by Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards

What are the songs included in the movie Imagine You And Me with Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards? What are the songs included in Andrew’s Playlist (Alden) in Imagine You And Me

List of Songs from the Soundtrack and Andrew’s Playlist in Imagine You And Me movie:

Fans posted these are the questions on social media recently.

Andrew’s Playlist actually refers to the songs found in the phone of Andrew.

Played by Alden Richards, Andrew’s Playlist is a list of songs that are currently trending now. There was a scene in the movie where Gara (Maine) really enjoyed the tracks.

The two even had a dubsmash in a car.

Now fans are clamoring to make this available on Spotify and other streamers.

Here are the 8 songs included in the soundtrack of Imagine You And Me (OST, Andrew’s Playlist):

1.) Sabay by Never The Strangers (Andrew’s Playlist)
2.) Magkaibang Mundo by Jireh Lim (Andrew’s Playlist)
3.) Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin by April Boy Regino (Andrew’s Playlist)
4.) Imagine You And Me by Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards (Theme Song)
5.) Mata by Mojo Fly
6.) Kay Tagal by Mark Carpio
7.) You or Nothing by Hale
8.) Oh Celia by the Fashionistas

Click play below to listen to the songs in a playlist.

Imagine You And Me is the theme song although not necessarily part of the Andrew’s playlist but possibly could be. There are more songs so hang tight, we will update this page once available.

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WATCH: EB KalyeSerye July 13, 2016 #ALDUBImagineYouAndMe

Today is the biggest day ika nga for the AlDub Nation, MaiChard Universe, Mainatics Global and Aldenatics Worldwide. Because talagang ngayong araw na ang pagbubukas sa madla ng pelikulang Imagine You And Me.

Pinagbibidahan siyempre nang nag-iisang Queen of Social Media, take note, hindi princess, kundi Queen talaga, also known for being the Empress of Endorsements in the Philippines and the Ultimate Phenomenal Star Maine Mendoza, kasama ang kanyang knight in shining armor na si Alden Richards.

Puring-puri ang mga manonood, mga showbiz insiders at siyempre mga Dabarkads sa grand premiere night ng naturang pelikula.

According to host Allan K, he would be willing to be crucified and be unfollowed by millions if he be disproven of the quality of the film because according to Allan K, the movie is worth watching.

According to Nora Calderon, first 20 minutes you definitely will know this movie is no waste, nakasabay si Meng kay Alden at hindi talaga mapapahiya. At sa lahat ng nakadalo ng premiere night isa lang ang masasabi, Maine Mendoza has changed the way you define acting. She does not look like a rookie.

Ano naman kaya ang mga kaganapan ngayon sa EB at Kalye Serye. Kasi naman no, yesterday, wrong timing itong si Dinosaur!Hmmm watch na lang kayo!

Where To Buy Official Tickets For Imagine Me And You AlDub Movie?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza performed a duet version of ‘Imagine You and Me’ song on ‘EB’.

The song, written by the ‘KalyeSerye’ Sweetheart, is the official theme song of their movie of the same title.

Last Thursday, Maine performed her solo version but today’s duet, well fans really loved it even more.

Earlier in the show, Alden and Daddy Bae did a Father’s Day number too.

Today, fans love that Dodong, Divina’s father visited and of course with Daddy Bae, and ADN is going crazy.

Speaking of crazy, fans are now asking where to buy tickets for Imaginge You And Me.

Well, please do follow EB’s official Facebook for announcement. Be careful not to just give your money away to people you don’t know.