Maine Mendoza Solo Host Sa Bagong Game Show Segment sa Eat Bulaga

Tuwang tuwa this week ang buong nation sa pagportray ni Maine Mendoza ng Miss BoomGa

Ito ay part sa isang bagong segment sa EB pero alam niyo ba na ito pala ay preparation

Yes preparation ito paya sa isang game show segment in the future na si Maine ang solo host

Training ground ito for Maine lalo na at kasama niya ang veteran game show host din na si Vic Sotto

Matalino si Maine kaya kayang kaya niya ang game show

Even Alden Richards had his own segment before Thats My Bae na talagang tumatak sa kanya

Signiture game segments like Pinoy Henyo nakatatak talaga kay Joey de Leon

Kris Aquino siempre kilala rin sa larangan ng game shows why not Maine di ba

Im sure part ito sa plan ng management sa career ni Maine na magiging well rounded artist siya

Ano sa tingin niyo ang magiging format ng game segment?

A – Physical game show parang yung sa Bulagaan Olympics in 2017 kasi bagay kay Maine na hyper
B – Gusto yung quiz or trivia game show kasi bagay kay Maine she is witty and articulate
C – Pwede rin namang not necessarily game format for example Mister Millennial oh di ba

[VIDEO] President Duterte’s Message For “EB” 37th Anniversary

Ang “EB” Show ay nagsi-celebrate ng kanilang 37th year anniversary on TV.

Marami ang sorpresang inihanda and nasabing show para sa kanilang mga manonood.

Isa sa mga sorpresang ito ay ang pagbigay mensahe ng mahal na pangulong Rodrigo Duterte.

Sa isang clip na ini-ere ng show, sabi ni President Duterte, “Good day! I am Rodrigo Duterte and I would like to greet the men and women all these years who are responsible for the program “EB”. It has its staying power and I pray to God That “EB” would continue to exist a thousand years. Congratulations and happy anniversary.”

Si Pangulong Duterte ang ika-pitong president na naabutan ng nasabing show.

EB Starts New TV-Social Media Revolution, ABS-CBN To Catch Up

EB on its 37th Anniversary is revolutionizing TV once more merging traditional and social media with its Unli Plus themed celebration.

Netizens are now lauding the noontime show for coming up with an amazing concept.

And television fans cannot help but suggest ABS-CBN should follow soon.

What is Unli Plus

Today’s anniversary broadcast with the theme Unli Plus, combines traditional and social media to reach more audience  here and abroad.

The idea is that Filipinos can view the live telecast via boob tube on the air and on live streaming via YouTube.

Then during the commercial break, EB cues to a Facebook live stream.

Facebook users view live performances, interviews and other featurettes.

They call it “Unli” since there is nonstop fun and entertainment via on air and online.

And they call it “Plus” because viewers can interact via Facebook and also on Twitter.

Last year, EB reached a new feat after it achieved more than 41 million Tweets.

ABS-CBN’s Show also has a YouTube live stream of its Tawag segment.

And they also have a multi-platform coverage of BB and other shows.

Followers say EB has effectively implemented a cross platform coverage using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and terrestrial more than any media outlets.

But TV buffs believe this is just  a start of an even more exciting era in Philippine entertainment.

Maine Mendoza Death Threat Prompts Kalye Serye Character Twist

Why EB Changed Yaya Dub To Maine Mendoza

The much awaited but already predicted twist finally was unveiled today on EB as we get to see the actual birth certificate of Yaya Dub or Divina, turns out her full name is Maine Mendoza.

So why did the writers/management change Yaya Dub’s real name from Divina Ursula Bokbokova (D.U.B.) to Maine Mendoza.

First, of course, it’s their prerogative being the creators.

Second, it’s more of a career strategy.

It is but only wise and high time for Maine Mendoza to distance from the Yaya Dub character. The last thing anyone in showbiz wants is to be remembered for that one character.

Also, there has been that question of saturation. EB being around for four decades isn’t afraid of it, but it’s a strategy. Not that people are tired of Yaya Dub and KalyeSerye, it is just that the management can do more for the career of Maine and her love team with Alden.

Confusion, this is the buzzword today on social media. But it does not actually create confusion. It will only make the on-screen affair of the two blossom more. From reel to real as they say, like as if we don’t notice these two are getting real already.

Fifth, KalyeSerye may be axed, or may be not. The truth is Kalye Serye has been adapted now as Calle Siete noontime teleserye. TAPE always wanted to make a show about the lives of ordinary Filipinos, and the successor to Princess in the Palace is just about that.

Speaking of KalyeSerye, it will still be around on EB. With Maine Mendoza already using that name. But there is a high probability that it will end this year.

If anything, the Imagine Me And You movie is just the start, Maine Mendoza will have a primetime teleserye on GMA 7.

And finally, Maine Mendoza will be transferred to broadway to keep her safe. Rumors say, there is death threat for Maine but no confirmation on this.

Now the only question left is, is it goodbye now to AlDub? And Hello MaiChard! Yes and no. Yes, it is MaiChard and no, no goodbyes yet for AlDub.

AlDub will remain to be a powerful name, remember EB named its library projects AlDub Library right?

AlDub will remain.

MaiChard will fully blossom.

Maine Mendoza will conquer it all.

[VIDEO] Alden Richards And Jake Ejercito’s Meeting #ALDUBPaandarNiDudang

Finally, Alden Richards and Jake Ejercito met on “EB: KalyeSerye”.

The Ultimate Bae is back on the show after his Dubai concert.

He went to the barangay for today’s episode of KS where Maine Mendoza, Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo and Allan K were.

Then, he met Divina’s classmate, Jake.

Watch the clips below:

Alden and Jake

PHOTO: Alden Richards OOTD On “EB” January 20, 2016 #ALDUBMusicOfLOVE

The ‘Ultimate Bae’ is still looking good despite his hectic schedule.

Today on “EB”, his outfit of the day is striped polo shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of white shoes.

Look at his photo below :

Alden Richards

WATCH EB: KalyeSerye November 18, 2015 #ALDUBTheRivalry

Yesterday, Cindy arrived at the Broadway for her “KalyeSerye” appearance.

She happens to be the rival of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza in the heart of Alden Richards.

The Dubsmash Queen got jealous of the Harvard model.

She is afraid that Alden may leave her for the Waray-Russian model.

Today, the “rivarly” continues.

Will Alden choose Yaya Dub over Cindy despite the disapproval of his Lola Babah?

What will be the reaction of De Explorer sisters?

Watch the video below:


SNAP STAR: Maine Mendoza Behind-The-Scene Photos On “KalyeSerye” Nov 16, 2015

Look! The Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza preparing for “EB: KalyeSerye” today.

Here are some of the behind-the-scene photos:

Maine Mendoza in Barangay

[VIDEO] EB: KalyeSerye November 16, 2015 Celebrates #ALDUB4thMonthsary

Last Saturday, the “KalyeSerye” on “EB” show celebrated the 90th birthday of Lola Nidora played by Wally Bayola.

The celebration became memorable because the old woman did not expect it.

Today, the show is celebrating the 4thmonthsary of AlDub or Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza.

Aside from that, it is also the birthday of Lola Tidora played by Paolo Ballesteros.

Meanwhile, netizens posted their reactions on social media using the hashtag, “ALDUB4thMonthsary”.

As of 01:07 the hashtag get more than 1.4 million tweets.

Below are some of their tweets:

Alden and Maine On GMA Christmas Station ID