[VIDEO] EB Sep 16, 2015 Episode ALDUB Celebrates Second Monthsary, #ALDUB2ndMonthsary Trends

Today is the second month of the ALDUB Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) tandem on “EB” noontime show.

Fans and supporters of the phenomenal love team are now celebrating with their idols by watching them on TV.

Others are posted their greetings on social media using the hashtag, “ALDUB2ndMonthsary”.

Here are some of the netizens and viewers messages:

Rose-Anne ‏- “Happy ALDUB2ndMonthsary [at]aldenrichards02 and [at]mainedcm stay. Humble and Simple as always! AlDub Nation will always here to support you FOREVER”

Maria Slurpee ‏- “ALDUB is one of the greatest Loveteam in the Philippines. I think someone should accept it.”

SailorStarCatcher – “Aldub has valuable lessons to tell for everyone, so go for the one that can be a perfect example for the youth.”

Nico Robin – “Time flies fast! Who would’ve known? An accident love team turns into a phenomenon! This is where God leads every Juan.”

ALDUB Fans Boycott ABS-CBN Push Awards Poll

Last August, ABS-CBN’s entertainment website launched its first ever Push Awards.

Favorite celebrities, love teams, fans clubs are some of the categories that fans and supporters can vote on.

One of the fandoms nominated in the said poll is the ALDUBNation, then there’s Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) in ‘Most Popular Group or Tandem’ and ‘Most Loved Group or Tandem’ categories.

Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) was also nominated in ‘Most Popular Newcomer’, ‘Favorite Newcomer’ and ‘Best Newcomer’categories.

Fans and netizens can start voting for their favorite stars on September 14 at PushAwards.com.

However, earlier this week, an ALDUB admin posted a message on Facebook addressing all ALDUB fans.

The admin called them not to vote any poll from the rival station, particularly, the Push Awards.

They also had given 3 reasons to boycott it. Below is the full message screen cap from Facebook.

Yaya Dub

Yaya Dub 2

The ALDUB admin did this after Joey De Leon posted a message on his social media account.

Joey De Leon

[VIDEO] EB Sep 8, 2015 Episode Excites Fans for Meet Up Part 2 #ALDUBSeeYouAgain

After what happened last Saturday where Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was kidnapped by two unidentified men, now, viewers are asking where Yaya is and when will ALDUB see each other again.

All their reactions are posted on social media as their way of helping Alden Richards to see Yaya Dub again.

Here are some of their messages:

Jen Grey – “And he’ll tell you all about it when he sees you again. Yaya! Where are you?”

Abby|whimseys ‏- “I just realized it now. ALDUB is a blessing for me in so many ways. Gosh! I thought I was just enjoying the show.”

Mhinaaaaa – “Maine be like: Where are you my knight in shining armor?”

ELLA – “I don’t like seeing Yaya Dub that waaaay. She’s full of fear. I’m so sad.”

Anarosemambil ‏- “No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.”