Maine Mendoza Patuloy Pa Rin Ang Mga Big Favors Oh, ALDUBAlwaysHopeful

Eto na nga at big favor na ang hatid for Maine Mendoza and ADNs for the special edition of Spotted magazine

Maine is on the cover this June 2018 kaya naman may special print at super thankful ang nation at may isa pang pabor

Spotted Magazine said on Twitter – “For bigger groups we can give you discounts. Just email us” ito ay dahil supportive rin ang ADNs

Spotted Magazine featuring Maine Mendoza will be available soon at CV Magazine for only P350! At coming soon, Mega Magazine and BG Showbiz Plus

Samantala final na final na ang MMFF entry nina Vic Sotto, Maine Mendoza at Coco Martin a very big blessing and favor indeed

The fourth entry of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival is a collaboration of the three big stars kaya pretty sure record breaker to!

It is under the production of MZet, APT Entertainment and CCM Films and balita pa nga malaki ang magiging conceptual contribution ni Meng

The film is called “Popoy En Jack: The Puliscredibles” based on the report shared by Universal Records PH source:

Kaya naman starting now supportive na ang advertising and showbiz industry, may bago pa nang billboard oh for Citi Global

All of these ay siempre because Mapagbigay and Effective sa Sales si Maine Mendoza and the AlDub nation

Sa darating na December for the MMFF entry of Maine Mendoza with Vic and Coco Martin, what will be your contribution for the success of the movie?

A.) I will buy not just one ticket but multiple tickets at ipamimigay ko sa mga friends and family bilang pamasko
B.) I will gather all my AlDub friends and ka-Nation and will watch the movie together para full support
C.) Magpapa-block screening ako ng bonggang-bongga dahil super ganyan ko ka love si Maine
D.) Kahit iisa or iilan lang ang ticket ko basta from the heart, maipakita ko lang ang support ko for Maine

Teleserye Finally Confirmed For Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards After IYAM Success

“GMA Network and TAPE are signing a deal for a television series for Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards” – this is what fans are posting and hoping on social media following the success of the movie Imagine You and Me (IYAM).

During the press conference in Cebu, the press asked Alden Richards about their future projects specifically a teleserye.

Alden Richards responded that it will depend on the performance of their movie referring to IYAM.

Based on the opening day gross sales report by APT and GMA Films, the producers, the movi raked in 21.5 million pesos in the box office on its launch.

It is the biggest opening day for a Filipino film for 2016 as of July. And judging from that, IYAM is without a doubt, a blockbuster.

“Does this mean that their teleserye is a green go?” – fans ask.

On social media, a photo showing Maine and Alden who appear to be in a meeting with the big bosses suggest this could be the confirmation that a teleserye is underway.

In the event, the second half of 2016 for GMA’s primetime programming is guaranteed to be big time as Encantadia 2016 gets to premiere by Monday.

An AlDub MaiChard teleserye will definitely bring more punch to this lineup.

To date however there is no confirmation to any of these speculations. It remains to be a fact that she is an essential part of the EB team.

In the case of Meng, she also is adamant of going for a teleserye due to its rigorous taping.

One thing is very certain now, Maine Mendoza is at her peak and shows no sign of slowing and definitely no stopping anytime soon.

Where To Buy Official Tickets For Imagine Me And You AlDub Movie?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza performed a duet version of ‘Imagine You and Me’ song on ‘EB’.

The song, written by the ‘KalyeSerye’ Sweetheart, is the official theme song of their movie of the same title.

Last Thursday, Maine performed her solo version but today’s duet, well fans really loved it even more.

Earlier in the show, Alden and Daddy Bae did a Father’s Day number too.

Today, fans love that Dodong, Divina’s father visited and of course with Daddy Bae, and ADN is going crazy.

Speaking of crazy, fans are now asking where to buy tickets for Imaginge You And Me.

Well, please do follow EB’s official Facebook for announcement. Be careful not to just give your money away to people you don’t know.


[VIDEO] Alden Richards And Jake Ejercito’s Meeting #ALDUBPaandarNiDudang

Finally, Alden Richards and Jake Ejercito met on “EB: KalyeSerye”.

The Ultimate Bae is back on the show after his Dubai concert.

He went to the barangay for today’s episode of KS where Maine Mendoza, Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo and Allan K were.

Then, he met Divina’s classmate, Jake.

Watch the clips below:

Alden and Jake

MMDA Gives Road Advisory For AlDub “TamangPanahon” Event

As early as October 22, MMDA released advisory for everyone to plan their trip for this coming Saturday October 24 especially for those people who will be using the NLEX road.

There will be possible congestion in that area due to the “AlDub: TamangPanahon” event to be held at Philippine Arena.

According to MMDA Twitter account, “TamangPanahon event this Sat at the Philippine Arena. Expect NLEX to feel like the road to forever. Plan your trips accordingly.”


“AlDub:TamangPanahon” is an event of “EB: KalyeSerye” as a surprise gift by Lola Nidora for Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza.

MMDA logo

WATCH:  KalyeSerye October 20, 2015 #ALDUBUNTOLDStories

Today on “EB: KalyeSerye”, the show continues revealing the true identity of Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub.

Yesterday, it was revealed by Isadora, that she not the mother of Yaya but her real grandmother.

Yaya Dub’s parents are Ursula and Dodong. Her mother died after giving birth to her while her father left after learning that Ursula got pregnant.

It was also revealed that Yaya Dub is not the granddaughter of Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora because Isadora is an adopted sister.

Today, more revelations will be unveiled.

All of these are part of the preparation of Yaya Dub as she will face the TamangPanahon with Alden Richards.

Maine Mendoza

PHOTOS: How Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Celebrated Their #ALDUBThirdMonthsary

“EB: KalyeSerye” episode today October 16 celebrates ALDUB third monthsary.

How did Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza celebrate?

Since, the Dubsmash Queen was absent; she called Alden during the “KalyeSerye” segment.

This was the first time that they had a conversation on air via phone.

Alden also gave flowers to the studio audience.

Both of them also posted messages on social media to greet AlDub Nation all over the world.

Maine Mendoza Tweet

ALDEN To AlDub Nation

Below are some of their photos in courtesy of EB Facebook page.

Alden Richards With Dates 2

Alden Richards With Dates 3

Alden Richards With Dates 4

Alden Richards With Dates

KalyeSerye October 16, 2015 Celebrates #ALDUBThirdMonthsary

Yesterday, the “EB: KalyeSerye were having fun the PambansangBae – Alden Richards made a surprise visit.

He visited the place to celebrate their 13th weeksary with Nidora and Tinidora.

Despite Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza not being around, the celebration still became unforgettable.

Alden did the favourite dubsmashes of Yaya Dub and Nidora.

Today, the show is celebrating third monthsary.

Everyone is excited because Nidora has a surprise gift for Alden and Yaya Dub that will be revealed.

Will Yaya Dub be present today?

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions:

Labs_kzabella – “It’s great to see that Alden Richards is becoming more vocal and loose now. Great job Tisoy! You’re doing well!”

Yuh-Huh! ‏- “Don’t get me wrong, i am a certified AlDub Fan whatever happen but my heart aches because i miss Yaya already! I want her back!”

Kim – “Despite crazy work schedules every now and then..EB Kalyeserye just made my day!Thank you.”

ALDUB 3rd Monthsary