Sure ways to achieve a fit and flat stomach

Flat Stomach

Burning abdominal fat and flat stomach is the desire of a large number of people. So here are a few insights.

The abdomen is one of the areas of the body that tends to accumulate fat more than others, often as a result of improper eating and a sedentary lifestyle.

Once the fat is located in that area it is very difficult to get rid of it and you need to change some life habits to get a flat abdomen.

Fruit is the basis of proper nutrition and apples and bananas must enter our daily habits, as well as that of performing what is considered among the best abdominal exercises: the ‘plank’

Do not skip breakfast and eat apples and bananas for a fit & flat stomach

Do not have breakfast in the morning is a bad habit , the metabolism slows down.

And makes it difficult to eliminate fat.

A good tip is to eat apples, fruits with a structure rich in vitamin C.

Also flavonoids and beta-carotene, which help burn fat to achieve flat stomach.

The banana has between 75 and 130 calories and is a fruit rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins.

It is like an isotonic drink with the difference of being a food, an ideal resource to which we must not give up at least once a day.

Plank, an exercise that makes the whole body work

It is definitely a good way to burn calories and eliminate abdominal fat quickly.

The “plank” (plate) is a resistance exercise that makes almost all the muscles of the body work.

It’s an exercise that focuses on abdominal work , but involving such a high number of muscles is a great ally to lose weight.

This is not an easy exercise, but being able to perform it every day.

Then you get to get a strong back, legs, arms and buttocks toned and above all a nice flat abdomen.

The more we tone the muscles and lean mass, the better the metabolism will work by getting rid of the abdominal fat.

The ‘plank’ is a static exercise , but it is important to maintain the right posture.

You have to lie down with your abdomen facing down, then bend your elbows to 90 degrees and align them to your shoulders.

Our body must be a perfect straight line from head to heel.

The weight should rest only on forearms and toes. The ideal is to hold this position for about 5 minutes.

For those not used to doing physical activity, but decided to try this technique.

The advice is initially, to stay in this position for 20 seconds with a break.

And then trying to repeat it, until you reach the ideal time.

Another tip, at the beginning, is to be close to a mirror to verify that the position is correct.

Benefits of the plank for a sure flat stomach

Surely having a tonic abdomen because this exercise makes the lower and lateral abdominal muscles work perfectly. .

Even the back is strengthened, as well as the buttocks and legs are toned.

The important thing is not to break the straight line, keep the buttocks tense and do not move the back.

It’s an exercise that does not need any equipment other than a mat not to slip.

And also for this you can do it safely at home and in the open air.

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