Star Stalk: Xian Lim Takes All Pain, Urchin Thorns Are Nothing

The actor, Xian Lim and the gang are now on full swing with the taping of the upcoming series with Kim Chiu entitled “The Story Of Us” in Palawan.


Based on the photos shared on social media, the scenes are mostly shot by the sea. Yes, because it’s Palawan obviously.

But, wow, our hats off to Xian as always, such a busy dude, but never says no especially when it comes to projects with our Chinita Princess.

Xian is like more than a knight in shining armor for Kim. He is Kim’s life vest, life boat, whenever she needs him, Xian will surely be there for her.

Xi will definitely take anything just for Kim, even if there are thorns along the way. And literally! Yes!

The actor recently shared a photo of him with his foot that had thorns from sea urchin.

The photo was captioned, “pain level over 1000!!!! #theStoryofUs Urchinnnnnn”

Xian Lim

This made his followers feel worried for him and suggested what to do about it.

Here are some of their reactions:

Chrystalmae_nc – “VINEGAR is the best way!!! The white vinegar. [at]xianlimm tills take that pain away fast!!!”

Madamchiulimfan – “Soak it in vinegar, [at]xianlimm . It will dissolve the spines.”

Arjaycee2002 – “Must cure it immediately … bad urchhinnnn. The first time, I saw urchins just meters away from the surface, when we were snorkelling, I was freaking out… I think vinegar can be used as first aid. Always take care…”

Apro_mae – “You need to pee on your foot, or else wash it with vinegar.”

Ttadaah – “That looks painful, OMG hope you’ll feel better soon…Take care.”

The photos are taken from Instagram @xianlimm

Xian Lim 2

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