Star Stalk: Xian Lim Shares Mom’s Daily ‘Baon’ of Love

Xian Lim Feels Lucky Having His Mother


The actor Xian Lim shared how lucky he is having her mother, Mary Anne in his life.

On his Instagram, he shared that his mom is always preparing food for him especially those days that he has shooting or taping.

Below is the actor complete message:

“So lucky to have a mom who fixes my baon everyday before I go to work. I eat every 3-4 hours so she prepares it in Tupperwares, puts it inside my cooler and fills it with ice. Even if my call time is 3am, she will stay up all night and make sure that she gets my food ready and walk me out the front door to say goodbye. I really don’t understand why she does that…I guess there are things you just can’t explain and you just have to feel it. Love you mom.”

Xian Lim and his mom

Xian Lim Message

The photos are taken from Instagram @xianlimm

Xian Lim and his mom

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