Star Stalk: Xian Lim and Kim Chiu Ready For Upcoming TV Series

The long wait is over! Xian Lim and Kim Chiu are having their look test together for their upcoming series.


On Instagram, Kim posted a photo with Xian and Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar with caption, “MaeKimXi represent!!!”


Xian was also posted a photo with caption, ” MaeKimXi reunited”.

Xian Limm

This means that the cameras are ready for the taping day.

Fans and supporters of the love team are happy about the news.

Here are some of their reactions:

Elaineferras – “I hope this will be different among teleseryes because I want the best for [at]chinitaprincess [at]xianlimm [at]maecruzalviar. Good luck!!! So excited.”

Dhefgaeandres – “At last, the long wait is over!!! kimxiserye something to look forward to this year…yey!! so happy for both of you [at]chinitaprincess & [at]xianlimm.

Vergiloco – “Very Excited, finally it will happen MaeKIMXI KIMXI ALWAYS &FOREVER FOR REAL NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.”

Totsietess – “My heart is so happy we miss both of you so much…THANK YOU LORD”

The photo are taken from @chinitaprincess and @xianlimm.

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