Star Stalk: Soooo Cute! Kim Chiu Does 1D Dubsmash

Today, the Chinita Princess, Kim Chiu shared her snap slash dubsmash.


One her Instagram, the actress posted a video clip with caption, “so this happened on my snapchat today flooding vids..”baby I’m perfect, baby I’m perfect for you”.”

The song clip was from One Direction’s new single Perfect.

Kim’s followers also enjoyed watching the clip.

Below are some of their reactions:

Vesper1989 – “Hahaha…crazy, beautiful Kim.”

Diananav_a – “Kim Chiu without make up gives me life.”

Manangjunina – “Why so pretty Kimmy. And the song perfect one direction.”

Jaye.infinity – “Cuuuute! She’s singing the sooong like WAAAA our Chinita Princess is a Directioner!!”

Kim Chiu

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