Star Stalk: Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis- Smith Reunite In A Project

After the controversial break-up, the ex-couple, Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis- Smith will be working in a stage play.

In a photo posted on social media, it seems that the two are okay now.

Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis

Sam and Jasmine became couple last 2014 but they broke up early this year.

Meanwhile, people are happy seeing them together in a recent press conference.


A netizen said “I think they still love each other. You can see the kil-ig in both of them. Jas, fight for it.”

Here are some other reactions from netizens:

Uchii Moko – “Sam comes from a religious family he is such a great guy.

ACDP “Abigail Chloe Panes” Productions – “They broke up duh, but they stayed as friends.”

April Joyce Samson – “Samuel stays humble. That’s the reason why the showbiz industry likes him and the people like me idolizes him.”

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