Star Stalk: Marjorie Barretto’s Birthday Message To Claudine Barretto

On Monday July 20, Marjorie Barretto posted a photo of her with Sister Claudine Barretto.


The photo has a caption saying, “They say time heals all wounds… But for the deeper and more painful wounds, I know only God in all his mighty power can heal my heart and Claudine’s. I realized last night, that God is greater and bigger than all the pride and unforgiveness we both had for each other. Happy Happy Birthday Claudine! May this year be all about doors of opportunities opening up for you, lots of work, love and laughter.”

Marjorie Barretto

Claudine touched by the birthday message of her older sister.

She posted the same photo with caption, “Back in my Ate’sLoving arms.”


Meanwhile, netizens reacted on the gesture given by Marjorie and Claudine for each other.

According to rotsel_cutler, “So touched this photo left me teary-eyed. Every cloud has a silver lining. And for all the hatred that you may have felt, they say that during this time you should always think of the good things that person has accorded you. We hope that coming to terms with your beloved sister, Gretchen is just an inch closer. Praying for your family.”

Ely_gonzales said, “We are so happy for you and your family ms @marjbarretto! Let this be the start of a wonderful journey with the whole family, free from hatred and bitterness. True, it is not easy to forgive and forget but let God be the center of your heart and He will heal you from all the anger and hatred. It is not an easy journey, but just keep on praying. God bless.

Cchees_007 also said, “There is no perfect family but there is a perfect God whom died for all our sins! At the end of the day, Love conquers all! Happy to see you both.”

Claudine celebrates her birthday today, July 20.

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