Star Stalk: Maria Ozawa Calls Robin Padilla ‘Unprofessional’

Japanese actress, Maria Ozawa felt disappointed after the actor Robin Padilla backed out from their Metro Manila Film Festival movie.

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Robin decided to withdraw from the film due to ‘extenuating personal circumstances’.

The actor wanted to personally take care of his wife, Mariel Rodriguez, who is now pregnant in triplets, after suffered miscarriage of their first baby.

Because of that news, Maria Ozawa posted her feelings towards what happened.

On her Instagram, the actress called Robin unprofessional.


She said, “It’s not that I really wanted to film w/ robin but I think it was so unprofessional of him to call it off 10days before the shooting starts… I feel so sorry for the film director’s, staff, etc…”

Maria Ozawa

The actor instantly sent a private message to Ozawa camp and asked apology for what happened according to other blog site. He understood the disappointments of the actress.

The photo is taken from Instagram @maria.ozawa

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