Star Stalk: Kris Aquino Feels Fear On Two Movie Projects

Despite her excitement over her two movies, Kris Aquino admitted that she has a fear.


In her Instagram account recently, the “Queen of All Media” posted a saying with a caption, “I slept w/ some fear in my heart. 2 movie projects I’m about to embark on will challenge me intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and remove me from my current comfort zone… But I decided to go for it, because with me just surrendering, everything fell into place. And I am embracing the challenges ahead, excited for all that is yet to be. Excited for our storycon Direk [at] tonet_jadaone & [at]krizgazmen.

The Etiquette for Mistresses under the direction of [at]chitorono. Thank you [at]starcinema & Direk for waiting for me, for asking me to reconsider twice, and believing I have what you need to make this project a reality. Excited to reunite w/ [at]claubarretto & my 1st movie w/ my “panganay” [at]chinitaprincess.”

Kris Message

Meanwhile, fans of Kris, Kim Chiu and Claudine Barretto are now excited to see them together in the big screen.

Here are some of their reactions:

Chinkeyedchix – “Go Krissy [at]withlovekrisaquino if this project will make you feel happy … Trust your intuition with caution… Love love love.”

Allysav16  – “Thank you Ms. Kris for accepting the movie We’re so happy to see you both with Ms. Claudine. Surely it’s another blockbuster hits.”

Crissywoman – “Excited for your movie with [at]claubarretto after 9 years. This movie am gonna watch. Sorry not the other one.”

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