Star Stalk: Erich Gonzales and Non- Showbiz Boyfriend Broke Up

Updated: as of this posting, it is official Erich have split with nonshowbiz girlfriend. And she and Daniel Matsunaga now dating.


Early this week, news spread online about the love life of Erich Gonzales.

Many speculate that the actress and her non-showbiz boyfriend have broken up following the photos posted on social media with Daniel Matsunaga.

Last week, Dandan posted a photo with Erich in his Instagram account.

Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales

On Tuesday April 21, the mother of Daniel posted a photo of them with the actress in her Instagram account with a caption, “Another gift from God for my family! My youngest daughter [at]erichgg! Beautiful and loving. Thank You Lord Jesus!”

Dandan-Erich with Mother

Because of this statement, the speculations that Erich and Daniel Matsunaga dating became the talk of the town.

Here are the other photos of Daniel and Erich together posted on social media.



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