Star Stalk: Gerald Anderson Posted A Message For Janice de Belen Via Instagram

Recently, Janice De Belen broke up her silence after being linked that she was the reason for the breakup of Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador.

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During her recent interview, the actress said that she did not want to speak or defend herself anymore on the issue because everybody is now accusing her for being the reason for the breakup.

What she wants to say is just to ask, “Of all the actresses who are more beautiful, smart and intelligent, why me?”

But despite what happened, Janice said, she will not change her relationship with the actor and will hug him tightly.

After the interview, Gerald posted a photo of them in his Instagram with a caption, “Stay strong [at]super_janice love you always .  I’m always here for you.. Sorry for the Bull$h!t..”


Gerald Message To Janice

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