Star Stalk: Dawn Zulueta As “Darna” Is A Big Possibility – Fans

After announcing that Angel Locsin will no longer be the “Darna” because of her health problem, ABS-CBN is now searching for the new actress to play the role.

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Among the 5 actress that they consider to do the role is the actress Dawn Zulueta.

But it seems that the actress can’t believe it. She posted her reaction on her Instagram account. And she even jokes about in the same level in terms of being a superhero with Robert Downy Jr.

Below is her post on IG:

Dawn Zulueta Reaction For Adarna


While Dawn can’t believe it, her fans are excited if she will be chosen to play the role.

Below are some of their reactions:

Mitzgami – “That would be great!!! Go for it Mother!”

Inahzulueta – “[at]dawnzulueta Why not Ma? Based on the article Dawn Zulueta is the perfect fit or for Darna.”

Heyirisb – “You can do it Dawn! We your fans trusted you. So, go for it!”

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