Star Stalk: Cristine Reyes Is Back on Spotlight After Pregnancy

It seems that the actress can manage her time as a mother and as an actress.


After her pregnancy, she is now ready to go back on spotlight with her upcoming movie in the arms of Viva Films.

Recently, Cristine posted a video of her on Instagram with caption Face mask fitting.

Her fans and followers believe that this will be part of the actress preparation on her upcoming movie.

Cristine was seen on big screen in “The Gifted” movie with Anne Curtis and  Sam Milby.

Meanwhile, the actress fans are now excited to see her again.

Below are some of their reactions:

J_anika – “Whoah!! I’m sooo excited to see your new movie!”

Candymnm – “The end caption says VIVA FILMS SOON… Apparently, she’s prepping for a movie!”

Shaasizzle – “I think this will be interesting! She is so professional. I will surely watch this. Woohoo I’m excited.”

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