Star Stalk: Beauty Gonzales Is Pregnant, Netizens Believe

Rumors continue to circulate online about the pregnancy of the actress Beauty Gonzales.


This issue started after she left the midday series, “NingNing”.

Despite the issue, the actress did not give any statement about it.

But her followers on Instagram believe that she is pregnant.

They posted their reactions on the photo where Beauty’s dress was fit to her body.

Beauty Gonzales

Here are some of it:

Honeyrang – “Enjoy the gift of motherhood [at]beauty. Others want it to the extent that they are willing to give up their entire amount of money just to have a baby.”

Jckscy – “Pregnancy is always scary at first but it will always end up as a gift from the Almighty Creator.”

Nhang_sab.jun – “Life will never be the same again but it’s okay, it’s now time for the next chapter of your life… Good luck!”

Shei1123 – “Congrats [at]beauty_gonzalez ….baby is a special blessing from God….be careful and enjoy your pregnancy.”

Shyl_mae – “Congratulations [at]beauty_gonzalez ! Don’t mind the bashers! Keep your heads up. You are a good actress and you will always have a following after you give birth. That is for sure! Have a healthy and safe pregnancy.”

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