So Kilig! James Reid Comforts Nadine Lustre, VIVA & ABS-CBN Pls Take Care of Leah

Nadine’s fans have been worried lately about her psychological and emotional condition.

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Ever since she posted that cryptic yet alarming post on Instagram where she said she is on the verge of breakdown, OTWistas and JaDinians are constantly checking on the actress’s state.

James Reid told her that the perfect advice to get through what she has been going through right now.

“Keep your eye on the price”.

James comforts Nadine to remember the reason why she’s doing this.


Nadine on the other hand has told the press that she was unable to depart from her character Leah when she’s out of work. She is also going through a personal battle now.

Fatigue is really taking a toll on Nadine now, so hopefully she will get enough rest.

And don’t worry Nadine, your fans will be here to support and understand you.

We are also calling on ABS-CBN and Viva to take good care of Nadine.


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