Sharon Cuneta To Announce Return to ABS-CBN [RUMOR]

This has been the speculation of netizens as Sharon Cuneta’s announcement of leaving TV5 resonated all over social media this weekend.


On August 29, the megastar posted on Facebook that she is no longer a contract star of the Kapatid TV network. Shawie as she is fondly called in the industry earlier announced on Facebook that she is going through depression recently and as she describes it lightly as mid-life crisis.

She admits she has let down her fans and have not been keen with her weight. She also referred to a disappointment over a poor career choicce, pointing to her departure from channel 2 to TV5.

In bold and capitalized typeface, a photo tweet went “SHARON CUNETA IS NO LONGER WITH TV5.”

The call of fans for the Megastar to return to her former network has been increasing, although Sharon said she will be dropping clues to her next move in the coming days.

Another star has been rumored lately to return to Dos and that is Willie Revillame. With supposedly dipping ratings of its noontime show, channel 2 execs were said to be in talks with the Wowowee host for a possible revival of the celebrated variety show to compete aggressively with EB.

Netizens react:

If I am not mistaken, she was a host of “The Biggest Losers,” a weight-losing contest and a former endorser of Del Monte. So why not follow their advice on losing weight. Another thing, stop eating too much pork chicharon which is her favorite food. If not for her fans, be a model for her children who, for sure, will look up to her. – Ron D. Soriano

Whatever happens, you are still the megastar who has helped a lot of people whether in the entertainment industry, politics, foundations or ordinary people. Unlike others who helped people down. Unlike others who are rich in hatred. Unlike others who only know how to insult others and not taking time to face the mirror or evaluate themselves. Unlike others who really don’t know God and don’t know the true essence of helping others. – Fatima on Yahoo.

Im one of your biggest fan ate shawie, but i think we must admit the fact that your not getting any younger, if you dont exercise and keeps eating craps, then you are abusing yourself… cant be the same shawie like you once was, but im sure you still have time to enjoy your showbiz life now.. – Lil Cute Babe

ULV says:

Signs of a mid life crisis:
-when you start worrying about your health
-when you start questioning your status in life – why, what, where, who, when
-when you worry that you are getting left behind by your more successful friend and young co workers
-feelings being tired, exhausted, lonely and old
-need to change your bad habits, i.e., not exercising more, not spending time with the family, not living a healthy lifestyle
-when you start feeling that you need to change career and shift to a more rewarding one
-when you want to feel better, lose weight, better nutrition and a more active lifestyle
It will pass. Be more adventurous. Live a healthier lifestyle and more important is adapt, adjust overcome the changes!

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