Sarah Geronimo Sings “Let It Go” Trends On Twitter

Last Sunday on the noontime show, the Popstar Princess, Sarah Geronimo sang “Let It Go” from the Disney movie, “Frozen”.


While performing, the audiences and netizens were all praises.

She became one of the trending topics on social networking sites.

The video uploaded on YouTube courtesy by ABS-CBN Online got 517,560 viewers and 1,723 feedback as of this writing.

Here are some of netizens reactions:

beyonze2010: “500k within 24hrs !! Amazing… She’s like Disney Princess.

Annalyn Sarmiento: “Omg! you’re the best Sarah G. Don’t mind all the haters. Thumbs up and God bless you more!”

johnny lee: “her performance gives me goose bumps.,.. it was perfectly executed… better than any other versions!!! Love it, and i love SARAH G!”

Mighty Pam: “It’s a LIVE PERFORMANCE. The director can’t say “Take two”. And if I’m doing a cover like this, for sure its not only” take two”..100k plus and more..haha… Whoa! This version is awesome!”

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