Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Philippines and Should I Buy It

The thrill has lead us to this, are you crazy, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 comes right at the box at the, wow see, price of Php35,890.00 pesos and (you gotta love this) you can get it at your favorite retail stores at, just so ill, this date March 1, 2015 and definitely (ahuh yes) worth a check but make sure to compare such phone to, of course, others before buying.

Here ye here ye, are you crazy, Samsung Galaxy S6 has arrived and the price, wow see, will be Php35,890.00 and yes (you gotta love this) you read it right that is the price but dont by it yet as it will only be availably, just so ill, by March 1, 2015 and everyone is, (ahuh yes) of course, excited about it.

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