Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished Philippine Price Revealed at Php 29,980.00

Samsung Mobile’s Galaxy Note7 is nearly making a rebound. The gadget is relied upon to have Exynos 8890 Octa chipset with 4 GB RAM. The battery may be 3,200 mAh and will be charged through the USB-C.

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A posting by the Federal Communications Commission showed up with model numbers SM-N935KOR, SM-N935K, SM-N935L, and SM-N935S.

We know the restored Galaxy Note7 is behind this codename since we effectively announced gossip about a similar model name two months prior.

Typically the models finishing in K, L and S are bound for the Korean market, so it appears the organization’s country will be the first to get it.



Eric Langille There was no way there were going to just dump 2-3 million devices. They’ll actually end up probably making up their loses with this. I’d bet they’re still priced as high as the s7. Smaller battery or not it’s a better phone.

Muhd Farid Bad move. Now most airlines ban the use of note 7. Doubt they will have the time to differentiate refurbished sets or not, your phone would just be confiscated before you board.

Jessie Marschke I am interested but more so than that I am concerned: how long will Samsung support this device? I’ve seen how they’ve supported their other devices, tablets and phones specifically, and seeing how this one went through such a huge spectacle, I am unsure it will be supported for very long. That and the concern over travel. This still is a beautiful and feature rich device but I’m not sure the positives can outweigh the negativity that surround this device

Ashish Bhargava Okay, so heres an alternate view to the situation…the same Samsung users bashing LG for a 2016 processor i.e SD821 in a 2017 flagship are now ready to buy a 2016 flagship from Samsung with an even older processor, which is relaunched in 2017 as refurbished.

Disclaimer: Not a Samsung user or hater, nor a lg lover or iPhone fanboy.

Shivam Gogineni it’s better to stay away from refurbished devices,and as for the support there will not much of it from samsung as it takes a lot of time to update from current android os version to latest version for samsung devices.

The official price of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished and where to buy in the Philippines. So here it is gizmo guys, freakin, the moment of truth.

The tech community is stoked to hear about this new gizmo

The newest baby is here. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished and it looks great.

Expect to buy this gizmo at retail stores for Php 29980.00 pesos.

And, don’t stop reading, you can get it at your favorite retail stores at this date June 2017 when the device is available. prices are subject to change though.

You can check out Kim Store and Lazada for availability. You can check out their website for stock.

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