Samsung Galaxy A7 Price Tag Revealed, Should I Buy Or Not

The thrill has lead us to this, this is totally crazy, the new Samsung Galaxy A7 has arrived and expect the price to be, yup yup, at PHP 26,999.00 pesos but (you gotta love this) don’t fall in line, care to listen, yet until March 2015 and (sweet) there it is the availabilit date and yup we, care to listen, too cannot wait.


This is what you have been itching for, this is totally crazy, and this new gadget is here Samsung Galaxy A7 and well this device will be, yup yup, tagged at PHP 26,999.00 pesos and (you gotta love this) you can, care to listen, buy this starting March 2015 then everyone is (sweet) getting ready for the, care to listen, buying season.

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