Samsung Galaxy A5 Official Philippine Price is Php 24,765.00

Dont be sad my dear, i know i know but yes, because here it is, the new Samsung Galaxy A5 has arrived and expect the price to, fabulous, be at Php 24,765.00 pesos (are you crazy) it sure is something to look, i know i know but yes, forward to on January 1, 2015 when the, aherm, device is available.

Hello there what is up with you, i know i know but yes, and we here are so ecstatic to learn about this Samsung Galaxy A5 and it is confirmed it will be available for the, fabulous, price of Php 24,765.00 and that sounds (are you crazy) terrific though but do not get too excited though as this device will not be, i know i know but yes, shipped before January 1, 2015 and (and this is serious) definitely worth a check but make sure to compare such phone to others, aherm, before buying.

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