Sam Milby Pursues Jennylyn Mercado

Sam Milby is reportedly pursuing leading lady Jennylyn Mercado.

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After the last shooting day of their new movie The PreNup, Sam Milby explained that Jen is her type of girl.

He likes her being sporty, tough but sweet.

He like the fact that she does MMX or mixed martial arts, which is also his sport.

Sam further describes the StarStruck judge as outgoing and without a doubt hits all his checkboxes for an ultimate crush.


He added that now the shooting is over, he can start courting Jennylyn.

So what has Jen have to say?

Well, she thinks SAm is kind, a gentleman and he has a good chance.

We cannot wait!

I mean we cannot wait for the movie The PreNup which will be showing in cinemas nationwide starting October 14, 2015.

And also, we can’t wait how this courting will turn out!

Oh god.

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